England Needs to Play Like Liverpool in the World Cup, Says Paul Scholes

Livepool’s scintillating brand of soccer brought them within a whisker of a Premier League title this season. In the process, Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge all emerged as great hopes for England in a World Cup year.

The style of play was so refreshing that even a club legend at Liverpool’s biggest rival feels England should emulate the way Brendan Rodgers structured his team.

In an interview with the BBC, Paul Scholes, the former Manchester United midfielder who enjoyed a brief stint as an assistant coach with his former club at the end of this past season said,

“It would be refreshing for England to adopt Liverpool’s attacking mentality.

“The thing I admired most was the swagger of their play and how they terrorized opponents, which reminded me of United at their best.”

Five LFC players have been selected for Roy Hodgson’s 23-man World Cup squad. Scholes believes at least four of them should start.

“I’d definitely start with Gerrard, Sturridge, Henderson and Sterling. The question mark is Johnson at right-back.”

“If there’s an injury to Gerrard, nobody jumps out to replace him. I don’t see Henderson, Frank Lampard or Jack Wilshere playing Gerrard’s role. England’s success in the group stages hinge on Gerrard staying fit.”

England will be playing two friendlies in the United States before departing for Brazil. We will have full coverage of the Three Lions buildup to the World Cup right here at World Soccer Talk.

3 thoughts on “England Needs to Play Like Liverpool in the World Cup, Says Paul Scholes”

    1. You mean a slip that could have happened at any point in the season and cost them a match? I suppose they could play like Arsenal, but my guess is England would like to score instead of pass themselves to death and finish fourth.

  1. Scholes is spot on. England have to dictate the tempo rather than the opposition. Get the ball to Sterking early and often. Doubt they will be able to keep it up in the heat but they have to try. Maybe this is why Roy has gone with youth.

    I’d rather England go down playing good football and having a go than grimly holding on for a nil nil and then going out on penalties. Playing at EPL pace should be England’s strategy.

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