ESPN’s ‘Hillsborough’ Documentary And 30 For 30 Soccer Stories Now Available On Netflix

ESPN’s explosive Hillsborough documentary as well as six other films from ESPN’s 30 For 30 Soccer Series are now available for viewing via Netflix’s streaming service in the United States.

All seven films have covered a range of topics including national tragedies in Ireland and England to the disappearance of the Jules Rimet Trophy, each as exciting and different as the last.

The seven 30-minute documentaries are now available for viewing on Netflix, or by searching “Soccer Stories” on Netflix.

Here’s a recap of each episode other than the aforementioned Hillsborough documentary. All are must-see films.

Mysteries of the Rimet Trophy

An exciting film about the mysterious disappearance of one of the most famous trophies ever created, that went missing after the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. Coveted by some of the most polarizing figures in history, including Adolf Hitler and hidden by Benito Mussolini during World War II. Later stolen from a museum in England and found by a dog named Pickles. The film shows how much the World Cup, and the trophy, would come to mean to people during that period.

Ceasefire Massacre

This documentary describes the political turmoil going on in Ireland and the effect it has on the Ireland national team playing in the 1994 World Cup. Despite a surprising upset against Italy, an attack in Northern Ireland derails the team and Ireland fails to make it past the group stage.

Barbosa – The Man Who Made All of Brazil Cry

Going from one of the top goalkeepers in the world to pool worker, Barbosa’s life truly changed the moment he missed the goal, costing Brazil the World Cup and in many ways costing Barbosa much of his peace in life. Following Brazil’s journey to the World Cup and what it meant for them to lose, the film shows how large an impact the tournament can have on a man and his country.

The Opposition

The Opposition is powerful, in that it paints a vivid picture of what happened in Chile during the 1973 military coup and in the not very flattering picture it paints of the United States and the interference brought on by the US Government during that time. Showing the courage a couple of soccer players and their families had to stand for what they believed in instead of what was expected of them.

Maradona 86

Maradona, often seen as a soccer genius in Argentina and to soccer fans around the world, was a man who’s passion for the game extended to his passion for life. With his almost god-like image in Argentina this film explored his personality and his amazing fetes on the pitch.

Garrincha: Crippled Angel

Mané Garrincha is often overshadowed by his world-famous teammate Pelé, but Garrincha is considered one of the most dynamic and complicated players to ever play the game. Rising above a crippling birth defect which left his legs horribly bent, he played the game and captured his audience with his incredible ball-handling skills.

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