ESPN May Offer Major League Soccer Online, No Proof-of-Cable Required: Nightly Soccer Report

Despite initial reports that ESPN would make available its MLS games starting next season on via authentication, where the soccer fan would have to log in to prove s/he has a TV subscription to ESPN, the latest reporting is that ESPN may offer Major League Soccer online without authentication, so no proof of cable would be required.

The idea is being seriously considered by ESPN, according to tech website VentureBeat. And it’s quite possible that down the road the service could be offered as a standalone subscription fee.

“We’ve just got to think about other business models,” Skipper said. “We’re not far along on any them, but we do think about how we might capture more money direct from consumers.”

With ESPN having the rights to MLS under the new TV/Internet deal (along with FOX Sports and Univision), ESPN could sell video subscriptions of the games directly to soccer fans via the web and mobile devices. Under the new deal, ESPN has the rights from 2015 to 2022.

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7 thoughts on “ESPN May Offer Major League Soccer Online, No Proof-of-Cable Required: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Ever since starting to gain interest in soccer in 2007, I have searched for a website where I could watch, at the very least, one club of my choosing every week online. Since going off to college two years ago, that searched increased and came up with nothing. It doesn’t exist. Not having TV makes it difficult for me to be legal in my soccer viewing of clubs I like half way across the world. This step would be HUGE to at least be able to follow MLS better.

  2. This is a good move by ESPN to get more people interested in MLS and the dividends of this move will payoff in the long run. If it is successful, ESPN might do the same with EPL or other big European League once they get their rights in few years.

    1. What move? It alleges that ESPN may do this. Sat/Cable companies are bending over backwards to appease the Disney giant over gaining Watch ESPN access. Disney can’t just start giving the stuff away!

  3. “May” being the operative word. I don’t believe ESPN when it comes to soccer but I guess they are better than Fox.

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