Who Are Ya Designs Launch Redesign of Popular T-Shirt Website

Who Are Ya Designs got an online makeover with a new more modern look to their popular T-shirt website. Along with a new look, the company is introducing some exclusive World Cup apparel, releasing more than 20 new designs featuring some tournament favorites and some underdogs as well. The website will also feature limited time only shirts featuring the U.S. National team.

“We loved the historic feel of the old site, however we started to get the feeling that it was getting a bit cluttered and making it harder for our customers to find what they were looking for. The new site is a much cleaner approach that makes the shopping experience easier and more enjoyable,” said the owners of the website on their new redesign.

Featuring a white background with more modern and minimal text the website is much easier to navigate than the previous version. The white helps to highlight the shirt designs and drop down menus give easier access to your clubs and national team’s merchandise. A scrolling bar at the top features recognizable images from different cities and teams and gives information about sales and exclusive designs.

The collection for the U.S. team currently features 18 exclusive shirts, a broad offering featuring everything from Tim Howard as Mr. Clean to Clint Dempsey’s famous “Deuce Face”. There are currently four U.S. limited release shirts available and with the World Cup coming soon, there may be more apparel released in the coming weeks.

Who Are Ya features T-shirts and stickers for a wide variety of clubs, ranging from the Premier League, Champions League to several MLS teams. Exclusive designs plus a low shipping rate makes Who Are Ya as unique as their “I Lost My Hubcaps at Anfield” shirt. There’s also a new blog that talks about their products and discusses soccer as well as keeping the customers informed of upcoming designs and sales. The blog will also feature guest bloggers to discuss soccer as well as give the consumers a place to tell the company what they like and don’t like.

Check out the redesigned website at www.whoareyadesigns.com


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