Official: PSG Agree Fee With Chelsea’s David Luiz for £50million to Break World Record Fee For Defender

UPDATE: Chelsea have confirmed that they have reached a deal with Paris Saint-Germain to let Brazilian defender/midfielder David Luiz join the Ligue Un club. The deal is pending Luiz agreeing personal terms with PSG and passing a medical.

A statement on the Chelsea club website revealed:

“Chelsea Football Club and Paris Saint-Germain have agreed terms for the transfer of David Luiz to the French club. The move is now subject to David Luiz agreeing personal terms with PSG and passing a medical examination.”

The £50million transfer fee would be a world-record fee for a defender. The two clubs have been in talks for some time and the deal should be made official before the start of the World Cup.

Luiz was signed to Chelsea from Benfica in January 2011 for £23.5 million and helped the Blues win a Champions League title as well as a Europa League title but the Brazilian struggled at center-half and defensive midfield last season. Luiz was being looked at by Barcelona and Bayern Munich and is a large asset for Chelsea who are trying to follow UEFA’s financial fair play regulations by selling some players to free up salary space for new players.

Selling Luiz would allow Chelsea to pursue Diego Costa, the forward from Atletico Madrid whose buyout would cost the Blues £31.8 million. Manager José Mourinho has been looking for some more offensive playmakers including Mario Mandzukic from Bayern and also looking to replace veteran Ashley Cole who has been released by Chelsea.

PSG is willing to pay Chelsea’s asking price. Not wanting to lose out to Barcelona or Bayern, the French team is willing to do what it takes to secure the signing of the Brazilian. Luiz may even possibly undergo his physical for PSG while practicing in Brazil with his national team while preparing for the World Cup. Although they have shown serious interest in Luiz, they have also made their interest in Luiz’s teammate Eden Hazard very obvious. Chelsea turned down their offer for Hazard, wanting to keep him in London.

Luiz joined Chelsea in 2011 and signed a five-and-a-half-year contract. He made his first start for the Blues against Fulham at Craven Cottage where he won the Barclays Man of the Match for his performance. His first goal was at Stamford Bridge where he helped Chelsea win 2-1 against Manchester United. Although he missed the first three games of the 2011-2012 season due to a knee injury, he scored in his first game back against Bayern 04 Leverkusen. He’s had a total of six goals and 81 appearances with Chelsea.

17 thoughts on “Official: PSG Agree Fee With Chelsea’s David Luiz for £50million to Break World Record Fee For Defender”

  1. Whoever at PSG thinks Luiz is worth 50 million should be confined to a mental institution. This is even stupider than United paying 27 million for Fellani. As a side note it reaaly looks like FFP is working to discourage PSG’s profligate spending :.

    1. PSG shows outright defiance in the face of FFP. They’re ultimate goal is to be THE world power in football and they will let nobody tell them how they can do it. Reminds me of Japan in 1936.

    1. Man City can spend as much money as they want. They could buy Messi for 300 million if Barca would sell him and City were dumb enough to spend that much, but UEFA could then just kick them out of European competition, fine them, and place other restrictions on them if they ever want to play in Europe again. That’s the power they have over them, just the threat of limiting their European competition.

      City will pay fines this year, have their Champions League squad reduced to 21 players, and have to bring net losses below 47 million. That is a penalty, and it will get worse if they don’t comply. Not saying it’s perfect, but don’t act like it’s nothing. As a City fan myself, I’m not loving the penalties.

  2. Inflating the transfer market again this summer I see.
    In a few years, a 30 year old marginal right back is going to cost 50mil, most teams won’t even be able to afford a transfer.

    I guess the bright side is that home grown talent will regain its importance.

  3. No one is paying 50 million pounds for Luiz, this is just the start of the salacious transfer rumor season, if you can say that it really ever ends. PSG might pay 25 (and would be over paying). PSG needs to sell first, Pastore and a few other duds will be gone before they go through with a big transfer.

      1. The Daily Mail is reporting that he passed his medical today, but I always take what The Daily Mail has to say with a touch of salt. But the deal looks close to being completed.

        1. I’m eating crow on this one, and really fast. Wow, what an outrageous fee. PSG are dumb, and must have faith that they can sell some players for more than half of what they paid for them (which they probably can’t). Otherwise, this is their only signing of any significance this summer and still be able to stay within very specific UEFA guidelines made out for their club.

          Anyway, I was way wrong on this. Usually the summer transfer window starts with rumors of 50-100 million fees rumored by the wealthy clubs for all sorts of players, and usually the actual fees are half of that, pipe dreams, or just papers needing to fill up space. This one is true, and is really ridiculo

  4. Most reports say the fee could reach 40 million (dependent on how PSG do in the CL in the next couple of years) which is still way too much for Luiz. I don’t think it’s anywhere near 50 million.

  5. I think we’ll see City show restraint in their spending – like last year, they’ve always held that they have a few signings in mind, and that their work will be done after that.

    This shows that PSG does not have the same restraint. I’m not necessarily being critical either – I’m of the position that FFP is a poor way to address the issues with the market. But those that were targeting City as the most notable offender should look again.

    1. This deal kind of reminds me of the family guy episode where Peter buys volcano insurance, and the salesman says o my God he ‘s signing it, I can ‘t believe he ‘s signing it. PSG are joke, I have managed to out do the stupidity of the Cavini deal, a feat I didn’t believe possible.

  6. Sad to see him leave but 40m pounds is just crazy not to take when we have a good CBs and a few young promising CBs coming up.

  7. While Luiz did not light up the EPL I think he will do well in France. Just as he was quite good at Benfica in Portugal. While the transfer money might be too much there is no denying that he can help PSG and since money is no object for them it’s a good acquisition. Some people are making it sound like he is a bad footballer. You don’t play for Brazil if you are bad.

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