David Luiz Says Goodbye to Chelsea Fans In Farewell Letter

Brazilian defender David Luiz has bid farewell to Chelsea fans in a farewell letter that he posted on his official Instagram account.

Luiz will be joining Paris Saint-Germain, pending personal terms and passing a medical fee, for a whopping £48million transfer fee. Before he officially joins PSG, he wrote this heartfelt message to Chelsea supporters:

“Thanks Chelsea for the three and half years of a great partnership.

“I’ve made good friends, won many titles and those memories will last with me forever.

“I’d like to thank my team mates, all staff and all supporters (my geezers).

“I’m leaving with great sadness but at the same time excited for the new challenge that lies ahead in this great club in a city that have always enchanted me.

“It’s a new stage, new challenge and together we will go even further.

“Allez Paris!”

At Chelsea, Luiz lit up the Premier League with his unconventional defending, midfield prowess and zany character. He will be missed.

Here’s the opinion regarding David Luiz’s defending skills according to experts Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher:

10 thoughts on “David Luiz Says Goodbye to Chelsea Fans In Farewell Letter”

    1. Your joking right you guys just commited highway robbery, you got 48 million for an error prone defender who runs around the pitch like a chicken with his cut off. You should be laughing all the way to bank.

      1. scott is 100% right. Even if he was twice as good, he isn’t worth twice the fee Chelsea paid for him 3 years ago. It seemed like the general perception of him was he wasn’t as good as we all thought he was 2-3 years ago, and Mourinho didn’t fancy him that much, especially at CB. Now they get 48 million pounds? POUNDS? Not Euros or dollars?!? 48 million pounds.

        Maybe Chelsea fans love him, and think he’s a great player, but should not be the transfer record for a defender. If anything, another club not so wealthy and easily fleeced could have had him for similar or less than Chelsea paid for him before. 3rd on the depth chart at CB (at best), probably 2nd or 3rd at CDM, and Chelsea gets 48 million.

        With this sale and the fee Chelsea got for bench riding Mata, the Chelsea front office must be having a laugh.

  1. 48 million that must mean Kompany is worth over 250 million! PSG are out of their minds, this deal makes about as much as much ss the Qatar World Cup.

  2. And David Luiz is a starter for a world class team. Fees has nothing with the players. Chelsea wanted that fee and Chelsea got the fee.

    1. He wasn’t a starter for Chelsea, and I wouldn’t start him over Thiago Silva or Marquinos, so I guess he’ll play defensive mid at PSG. Not worth 48 million pounds. Chelsea got the fee, who wouldn’t turn down such an offer for a backup?

  3. David luiz is a great player at chelsea for the past three and half year he spent at the club but now he’s departing for another chalenge. Thanks David i wish you the best and success

  4. A solid player for Chelsea but I was glad he didn’t start at CB this season. I always thought he’d make a better defensive mid…. and he wasn’t great there either. Loose tackling and way too many aimless diagonal long balls. 48 million is a superb deal. Well done to Chelsea.

  5. I think he isn’t as bad as most paint him to be but for the fee Chelsea received the people running PSG must be daft.
    World record Fee for a Defender on David Luis?
    If they want a proper CB then they should be looking at Mehdi Benatia of Roma. He’s good on the ball and in my opinion has been the best CB this season. He’s a very good footballer too a bit like Luis in the flair regard but he has sense enough not to overestimate his ability on the ball like Mr. Luiz.
    PSG a club that’s been around since 2011 are making some big errors. I wonder who they’ll sell now. UEFA said they had to sell to buy so who will they be selling now? I can only think of Lucas and Pastore who won’t go for a boatload of cash to offset the Luiz deal. Poor management by them unless they’re planning on selling a starter.

  6. Luiz was big personality and a talented player, but he isn’t a world class defender. Chelsea have sold two bench warmers for almost £100 Million. That is great business.

    But how can PSG spend that much and comply with FFP? Man City have far bigger revenue streams and can spend a max of 40 Million. It looks like PSG are ignoring UEFA and FFP and saying keep fining us and we will just pay what fines you give us.

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