Watch the Most Memorable World Cup Moments On ESPN2 Tonight at 9pm ET

As part of their preparations for the World Cup, ESPN FC has compiled a list of the top 10 best World Cup moments of all times. The “Most Memorable FIFA World Cup Moments” is a one-hour special set to air Wednesday May 21st at 9pm on ESPN2 and will be hosted by ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas. The countdown will be a compilation of the most important moments in the tournament’s history. Plus it’ll feature interviews with some of the players who made the list, including Landon Donovan and David Villa.

ESPN consulted 20 soccer experts from the ESPN team to create a comprehensive list of the moments that made the World Cup memorable and legendary. Included on the list is Landon Donovan’s 93rd minute goal against Algeria and ESPN will speak with Donovan on what it was like living in that legendary moment for U.S. Soccer. Ian Darke, the play-by-play commentator calling the game, will relive his commentary from the game.

In no particular order the 10 events are:

– Dennis Bergkamp goal for the Netherlands vs. Argentina in the quarterfinals (1998)
– France midfielder Zinedine Zidane’s infamous head-butt against Italy’s Marco Materazzi in the final (2006)
Landon Donovan’s 93rd minute goal vs. Algeria (2010)
– Mario Kempes’ two-goal performance for Argentina vs. Netherlands in the final (1978)
– Spain winning its first FIFA World Cup title in extra time vs. Netherlands (2010)
– Geoff Hurst’s hat trick goals during England’s only World Cup title match and win vs. Germany (1966)
– Diego Maradona’s two-goal performance vs. England in the quarterfinals in Mexico City (1986)
– France winning the World Cup for the only time on a dazzling performance by Zidane vs. Brazil (1998)
– Paulo Rossi hat trick goals and performance vs. odds-on favorite Brazil (1982)
– Pele’s headed goal to open scoring in Brazil’s 4-1 win over Italy in the final (1970)

ESPN also spoke with Marco Materazzi and what it was like to be on the other end of Zidane’s legendary head-butt and David Villa will offer his insight on winning a World Cup title with Spain and what it was like.

The countdown is one part of ESPN’s coverage of the World Cup leading to the kick-off on June 12th as well as their new 30 For 30‘s, E60‘s and replays of classic games and friendlies.

2 thoughts on “Watch the Most Memorable World Cup Moments On ESPN2 Tonight at 9pm ET”

  1. not complaining so much because any extra tv content is great, but a clip show is just not my favorite format. It might as well played on VH1, and I don’t feel any more informed about world cup history save the Berkamp goal. taking the time out for pele’s header at #3 was a wasteland of air time. It’s a countdown show, I get it, but was a little disappointed, kinda just zoned out throughout the middle part, and the end was predictable. I’m a sad little complainer I guess, because at no other time would ESPN go out of their way to make us programming. I’m just hoping there is more to come leading up to the World Cup to do it justice.

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