Where to Find Arsenal vs Hull City FA Cup Final On US TV and Internet

Today marks the second time ever that the FA Cup Final will air on US broadcast television. Arsenal and Hull City clash at Wembley Stadium in London, live today on the over-the-air FOX network and FOX Soccer 2Go.

Rob Stone hosts pregame, halftime and postgame coverage of the FA Cup Final from the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles with analysts Warren Barton and Brian McBride. FOX Sports’ FA Cup Final coverage also welcomes guest analysts Stuart Holden and Vinnie Jones. Holden is a current midfielder for England’s Bolton Wanderers as well as the U.S. Men’s National Team, while Jones is a British actor and FA Cup legend, having won the tournament in 1988 as Wimbledon bested Liverpool in what was one of the largest upsets in FA Cup history.

Coverage begins at11:30 a.m. ET, while commentators Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda take over for the 12:00 p.m. ET kickoff.

In the FA Cup final, Barclays Premier League sides Arsenal and Hull City face off to determine the champion of the world’s oldest soccer competition and England’s main domestic cup tournament. Arsenal, with 10 FA Cup titles to its name, reaches the final after beating last year’s champion Wigan Athletic on penalty kicks, while Hull City makes its first-ever FA Cup Final appearance in the team’s 110-year history.

The FOX Sports GO app live streams both finals to authenticated online, mobile and tablet devices.

17 thoughts on “Where to Find Arsenal vs Hull City FA Cup Final On US TV and Internet”

  1. In the San Francisco Bay Area, English-language live coverage of the FA Cup will be on KICU “TV 36” San Jose instead of KTVU “FOX 2”.

    KTVU makes way too much money with Morning News.

    Both KTVU and KICU are owned by COX.

  2. Don’t waste your time with Fox

    ITV has a proper pregame on right now.. Giving the game it’s reverence it deserves

    Straming off computer onto the big screen via chromecast NO PROBLEMS and NO amateur announcers


    1. WTF are you on about, they’ve got Andy f@#£!ng Townsend! My mute button will be pushed and Talksport replacing that cretin

      1. I’ll take Andy f@cking Townsend over the crap option I have over here..

        He is not my first option either..But him and Clive are NOT THAT bad!

        Be happy that’s the worst of your problems


  3. All aboard the Gus bus. I predict a handful of posts about the match and a mountain about the standard of commentary 😉

  4. I’ve just got back from golf, turned on the tv to hear Gus screaming.FFS.

    Looks like a good game though. Looks like the Arse has momentum.

  5. When Arsenal equalized we had had enough with the screaming … it was driving us nuts – we did not sit through extra time just went shopping ….

  6. I’m probably flailing away at a dead horse here, but is Gus Johnson actually getting worse ? He didn’t know how to pronounce Olivier Giroud’s last name; he said Wenger had “tension on his eyes”, among other faux pas. He clung desperately to the story line that Arsenal was much improved in the second half, when they obviously weren’t. Of course he isn’t helped by Wynalda’s guy-on-a-barstool commentary either. Amazing to see such a clown show for a major sporting event.

  7. Pathetic and amateur commentary. Gus is an idiot and Eric should know better.Really, is this the best pair that Fox can come up with? I had to turn the sound off!

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