NBC Scores Big with 31 Million Total Viewers of 2013-2014 Premier League Season

NBC’s presentation of the 2013-2014 Premier League season reached a total of 31.5 million viewers, including almost 5 million for their coverage of Championship Sunday. For the first time ever all 380 matches were shown on live television, 196 matches shown on NBCUniversal networks and 184 were shown on Premier League Extra time TV packages and available via online live streams. NBC purchased the rights to the Premier League for three years and this past Sunday wrapped up their all-inclusive coverage of the intense and often-changing season.

The 31.5 million viewers on the season almost doubled the number from last season shown on ESPN, ESPN2 and FOX Sports who totaled 13.3 million viewers, according to The Nielsen Company. NBC’s coverage saw a 172% increase from last season’s broadcast of Championship Sunday on ESPN2, FX, FOX Soccer, Speed and Fuel, which only generated 1.8 million viewers. The average amount of viewers per channel on Sunday was about 1.8 million, nearly doubling the number 869,000 per channel from last season’s finals.

On average, a total of 438,000 viewers watched the Premier League matches with 15 matches reaching over 750,000. The average is up from 220,000 of last season including NBC’s broadcast of Chelsea 2-0 defeat over Liverpool that was watched by 940,000 viewers, making it the most-watched early kick-off (before 10am) Premier League match ever in the United States.

NBC’s Sports Live Extra app streamed a total of 259.2 million minutes of Premier League coverage on desktop and laptop computers as well as smart phones and tablets. Over 4.2 million minutes were streamed on Championship Sunday alone.

The cities with the highest average season-long ratings on NBC and NBCSports were:

1. Washington D.C.
2. New York
3. Baltimore
4. Boston
5. Seattle
6. Richmond
7. San Francisco – Oakland
8. Norfolk
9. Providence
10. Philadelphia
11. Chicago
12. Buffalo
13. Tampa
14. Orlando
15. Miami

NBC’s coverage of the 2014-2015 season will kick off Saturday August 16th.


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