WATCH Post-Match Interviews With Manchester City Players After Winning Title [VIDEO]

Minutes before the trophy celebration at Etihad Stadium to crown Manchester City as Premier League champions, City footballers Samir Nasri, Sergio Aguero, Pablo Zabaleta and Joe Hart were interviewed, where they shared their glee at winning the 2013/14 title.

Watch the interviews here:

Joe Hart

Samir Nasri and Sergio Aguero

Pablo Zabaleta

8 thoughts on “WATCH Post-Match Interviews With Manchester City Players After Winning Title [VIDEO]”

  1. So ecstatic that Gerrad killed Liverpool’s hopes. Also, watching Suarez revert back to old ways today was simply priceless.

      1. Diving. If you didn’t catch it then, well there is no point in convincing you otherwise. Either way, glad to see everything Liverpool fail this year. This really was their year to win it because next year will be a huge challenge for them to finish in the top 4

        1. I didn’t catch it, not at today’s match. Took a few really bad challenges and got right back up from what I saw.

      2. Love all the thumbs down from cowardly side-liners too daft to educate me on when, exactly, Suarez dove today. I’m not denying that he dives on occasion, but (1) he’s done it orders of magnitude less this campaign, and, (2) he didn’t ONCE dive today. I doubt Cassanova even watched the match, so how would he even know?

        1. I gave you a thumbs down for addressing all the thumbs down you have received. Get over it, Sweet Heart.

  2. Congratulations to City. Deserved champions. The table doesn’t lie.

    Well done to Liverpool for a terrific season and finishing 2nd after 7th last season is a fantastic feat.

    Both City and Liverpool played some of the best football this season so thanks to both for an entertaining season. More of the same next season please!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. We didn’t have enough to get across the line and had a few bad moments, Gerrard’s slip notwithstanding. But happy for my Man City friends who are some of the classiest and most graceful supporters I know. We go again next season!

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