Unlikely Heroes: Why Manchester City Deserve To Win The Premier League This Season

Having been steamrolled out of the way by a rampant Manchester United last season who wrestled the trophy back out of Manchester City’s hands, the Citizens must have known they had an opportunity to win it back this season with Sir Alex Ferguson gone. Last spring, the City executives acknowledged immediate changes were required at the club.

After Roberto Mancini was swiftly sacked in mid-May and replaced by a highly respected and experienced coach in Manuel Pellegrini, City had found the ideal man. Having lured the Chilean from Malaga, he was entrusted to spend City’s transfer budget productively in their bid to win the league crown back.

Without wasting any time, Pellegrini returned to Spain and managed to bring back with him the likes of Alvaro Negredo and Jesus Navas, who have both been effective this term. The duo, coupled with City’s already envious and glittering strike force lit up the league with a pantheon of goals – which also saw them eclipse the 100-goals mark this season.

Any team visiting the Etihad were blown out of the water right from the very first game. City were unplayable in front of their own fans. However they were equally unpredictable away from home. They took time to find their feet while on the road, but once they steadied the ship, there was no stopping them. Pellegrini must be given credit for arresting City’s away slide, just after everyone started ruling them out of the title race in the first few months of the season itself.

However, Manchester City surprised many with their late surge up the Premier League table. So much so that the club could be considered unlikely heroes given the short number of days they’ve been atop the league table this season.

Taking a direct head-to-head comparison with games played against City’s top 4 rivals, the results are not all that impressive too. They were beaten by Chelsea, both home and away, and even lost to Liverpool at Anfield. They managed to beat Liverpool and Arsenal at home, while only managing a draw away at the Emirates Stadium. That saw them amass only 7 points out of a possible 18 against their direct rivals. Where they have excelled is effectively and consistently putting teams outside the top 4 to the sword.

City have had to take on the mavericks from Liverpool for the last 2-3 months, who have been playing some eye catching football. Riding on the goals from their famed attack consisting of Luis Suarez, Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling and Steven Gerrard among others, the Reds have given sleepless nights to Pellegrini and his team.

However, the frailties of Liverpool – their defense – which have been masked all season due to the brilliance up front, has hurt them hard over the last fortnight. The home defeat to Chelsea, followed by the capitulation at Crystal Palace has seen them blow away perhaps their best chance of winning the title. Now with City only needing to avoid a defeat at home against West Ham tomorrow to be crowned champions, it is out of Liverpool’s hands who will be left ruing this missed opportunity.

What differentiates potential champions Manchester City and unfortunate also-rans Liverpool is the back four. While Liverpool have shipped in way too many goals, they have managed to score more, which has papered over the cracks and worked well for them all season, until now; but that is not how the best team in the land should be setup, and this has ultimately cost them.

Do I believe that Liverpool deserve to be champions this season? For me, no, despite the fact that they have been such an energetic, eye-catching, entertaining attacking team to watch. They have failed to address pressing issues in the summer or in January, and manager Brendan Rodgers has not made things right when he had the chance.

When it comes to making things right, that’s what City have done brilliantly. Starting from the spring itself when Pellegrini was brought in for Mancini, to dealing with Joe Hart’s poor form, to rectifying their early season blip in away games, to establishing solidity at the back while continuing to bang in the goals up front. That’s what champions do. They change things. They adapt, and then they survive.

This is exactly why I feel that Manchester City, led by the intelligent and brilliant Manuel Pellegrini, deserve to be handed the trophy back tomorrow.

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17 thoughts on “Unlikely Heroes: Why Manchester City Deserve To Win The Premier League This Season”

  1. A couple of weeks ago most people were saying that Liverpool deserved to win the title because they were top of the league. Before that it was Arsenal that were deserving of it. At the end of the day whichever team is top at the end deserves to win.

  2. Unlikely Heroes seems a bit of an exaggeration. Man City are one of, if not the richest club in the world. The likes of Everton or Southampton would be considered unlikely heroes to win the league, not Man City.

  3. If Rodgers had the financial backing that Pelligrini did then that would be a fair comparison but he doesn’t and Pelligrini took over a better team in the summer and added 100 million + pounds of talent to an already stacked team.
    This season reflects better on Rodgers than Pelligrini, Moyes, Wenger, AVB/Sherwood and Mourinho.
    He had on paper the weakest squad out of those 6 teams and finished second. He won the first 5 games of the season with Suarez missing.
    I’d say if Pelligrini didn’t win it the to e of your article would be drastically different. It would have been a failure had he not won it.

  4. Mancity are favourites even before the season comenced,so the tag ”unlikly heroes” is unaccepted.after spending above 100m pounds,anything short of the league tittle will be a great failure.They deserve to win,because they’ve the best team in the league so far.They’ve been able to combined there scoring and defending ability pretty well,unlike liverpool,who are very fantastic in attack but sluppy in defence.while chelsea are vice versa.I think mancity is the best,not just the best but a balance team,thats why they are where they are at this time.They are not ”unlikely Heroes,but a well deserved Champion.But ”a miracle is not unlikely”.lets wait and see.

    1. City bought Negrado for £16m, Navas £14.9m, Fernandiho £30m, Jovetic £22m and Demicellis £3m that’s around £85m but they sold Ballotelli £23m, Tevez £15m Macion £4m and Razak £1.5m so a total of around £45m not £100m both Chelsea and Utd spent more even with the sale of Mata!

      City were best in attack, pool scored less! and didn’t have the injuries that plagued city all season. People seem to get confused with this ‘exciting for the neutral’ tag but that because they coincided a lot as well as score something City don’t! City set a new goal tally record for the season!
      While I agree this season was a very good one for Liverpool even with the constant love of the British media, the team best won it.

      Failures for me would have to be 1, Man U 2, Chelsea, 3,Spurs 4, Arsenal and lastly Fulham.

      No they are not unlikely heroes, but they are the best, but the best never comes cheap. Ask Utd, Chelsea, Madrid or Barca

  5. City are definitely not “unlikely heroes”.

    At the beginning of the season most people picked Chelsea or City to win the title. A few even picked United. If Liverpool win it then they would be the “unlikely heroes”.

  6. Definitely not “unlikely heroes.”

    As to record against top 4:
    Chelsea away loss was really a draw until Hart and Nastasic couldn’t figure out to do with a long ball in the last minute and put Torres straight in.

    Liverpool away – uh, Mark Clattenburg makes 5 utterly egregious game-changing decisions favoring Liverpool on their ever-so-special little day. Clattenburg and Stevie Gerard’s wives are well-known friends of one another, BTW. Oh plus Kompany shanks a clearance.

    As to Liverpool deserving it if they win: didn’t they win already? Didn’t they throw an open-top bus parade with six weeks remaining? Didn’t they print EPL championship tee shirts at that time? (Technically the answer is yes to only the third of those.)

    But further, Liverpool played zero European matches. One League Cup match. Two FA Cup matches. Had almost no injuries. Had twice the number of pennos awarded to them as the second-ranked club.

    If they win tomorrow and City lose they deserve to win the league. But I will not respect them ever. I would rather see United win the next 20 league titles than ever see that sanctimonious bunch ever at the top of the table ever again.

    1. Marc I never thought I’d hear you say you’d want United to win the title over anyone.
      My source in the Etihad says that City are planning on bringing Moyes through and are grooming him for the long term job.

      1. Funny because i “almost” agree with him. This Liverpool “destiny” “divine right” (etc) narrative the media and Liverpool fans were beating down our throats before their loss to chelsea were so annoying i wanted anyone but them to win it. Not to mention Skrtel getting away with defending thats not even legal in American football all season while they were awarded penalty after penalty.

    1. While I agree on the unlikely heroes comment, you should change your second comment. Everyone would encompass, well, everyone in the whole world. Hate to break it to you but there are hundreds of thousands of City supporters out there. Half of which reside on this site :).

    2. You wanna tell that to the West Ham, Sunderland, Newcastle and many other fans pal. Liverpool were never the ‘neutrals’ favorites just because most pundits are ex Liverpool and it’s what they think doesn’t mean the speak for a nation. City fans know where they came from and show none of the arrogance that others have, hate is something I never experience from opposition fans home or away!

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