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How Did We Miss This beIN SPORTS Viral Video to Attract New Subscribers? [VIDEO]

bein sports tv commercial How Did We Miss This beIN SPORTS Viral Video to Attract New Subscribers? [VIDEO]

beIN SPORTS released a new viral video several weeks ago to encourage soccer fans to subscribe to its network.

That we didn’t notice it until now is a sign that the video didn’t work that well, and that beIN SPORTS did a poor job of announcing it. They even have a website to promote it. However, that aside, it’s still worth watching. Whether you’ll love it or hate it, let us know in the comments section below.

By the looks of it, beIN SPORTS must have paid a lot of money to a creative advertising agency to have them produce this video. While it’s shot very well and is humorous, it doesn’t change the fact that (1) beIN SPORTS isn’t available on all TV provider systems (especially cable) and (2) that beIN SPORTS has more rights than bandwidth, which means that they can’t show all of the games it has rights to on television. Yes, beIN SPORTS has its online streaming service named beIN SPORTS Play, but currently there are only 9 TV providers that allow you to access it.

Maybe the video will help raise awareness of beIN SPORTS? Or maybe not.

If you’re reading the article on a mobile device, watch the video here.

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7 Responses to How Did We Miss This beIN SPORTS Viral Video to Attract New Subscribers? [VIDEO]

  1. Faithless says:

    Guys sitting in a booth in Miami… Not my idea of a world class football channel

  2. bennett311 says:

    The video was funny. I liked it. But honestly my wife would never have control of the remote in the first place. And Vuvuzelas is an iffy topic. >:)

    I have Dish network so I get BEIN.

    The bad: Non local announcing, Ray Hudson, PSG bias

    The good: Terri Leigh

  3. Brian says:

    I saw the video a few weeks ago and was surprised that it actually aired given everyone could tell what she was saying. I loved it. Something different.

  4. Smokey Bacon says:

    Despite the considerable progress the game has made in the USA, try doing that in a Buffalo Wild Wings when the throwball is one every screen. There would be a riot.

  5. Pakapala says:

    Which cable are you talking about that doesn’t provide beIN SPORTS? I have Comcast and get both channels. As far as I know Time Warner, FIOS, Cox all offer it.

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