NBC Sports Announces TV Schedule for Premier League Season Finale

After today’s emphatic win by Manchester City against Aston Villa that puts the Citizens in the driving seat to win the 2013/14 Premier League title, NBC Sports has announced its schedule of 10 live matches that will be shown across the NBC networks on Sunday beginning at 10am ET.

The games will be shown as follows:

Manchester City vs West Ham, 10am, NBC and Telemundo
Liverpool vs Newcastle, 10am, NBCSN and mun2
Cardiff vs Chelsea, 10am, CNBC
Fulham vs Crystal Palace, 10am, E!
Hull vs Everton, 10am, Bravo
Norwich vs Arsenal, 10am, MSNBC
Southampton vs Manchester United, 10am, SyFy
Sunderland vs Swansea, 10am, Esquire
Spurs vs Aston Villa, 10am, USA
West Brom vs Stoke, 10am, Oxygen

In the only two matches that really matter on Sunday, Manchester City can win the title with a draw or a win, while Liverpool can win the title by hoping West Ham beats City and Liverpool beats Newcastle. Ultimately, either Manchester City or Liverpool will be crowned champions on Sunday.

NBCUniversal’s “Championship Sunday” coverage kicks off May 11 at 9 a.m. ET with an exclusive Premier League Live pregame show on CNBC featuring Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Mustoe, Robbie Earle and Kyle Martino.

Lowe, Mustoe, Earle and Martino will return following the matches for a special Goal Zone season wrap-up postgame show on NBC at 12 Noon ET.  NBCSN will simulcast Goal Zone. At 2:30 p.m. ET, NBCSN wraps up the day’s coverage with a special Premier League Live: The Champions.

A special one-hour Premier League Countdown: Championship Sunday preview show airs Saturday at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN featuring Lowe, Mustoe, Earle and Martino.

Heading into “Championship Sunday,” more than 30.5 million Americans have tuned into NBCUniversal’s coverage of the Premier League in 2013-14 – more than double the 13.3 million who tuned in last season on ESPN/ESPN2/Fox Soccer.

Bookmark the Premier League TV schedule, which is updated each week throughout the entire year.

22 thoughts on “NBC Sports Announces TV Schedule for Premier League Season Finale”

  1. Martino is back? Thought he was still on Everest. (I havent caught much NBC coverage in the past couple weeks; been a busy month of May as usual)

  2. It doesn’t get any better than 10 games all bring shown live. It’s been a absolutely brilliant first years coverage from NBC.

    1. no.absolutley not has it been a great year by nbc showing the premier league here in america.they are going to show games on scyfy and bravo and E and usa and more….AND THEY COULDNT HAVE DONE THAT DURING THE WHOLE YEAR?????!!!!!who is watching on scyfy at 9am central?nbc could put a match on?on usa?on any of their networks??no it wasnt great.at least on fox we got to see every match.

      1. Um, I’m not sure if you heard yet that ‘the bird is the word’ among other things but for the 871st time – NBC has made every game available to view live all season long. This was done through either Extra Time (via overflow sports channels your provider has) and/or Live Extra (NBC Sports streaming service) by most cable/satellite providers. Unlike FOX Soccer 2Go, the Extra Time service was offered for free to providers by NBC. The majority of games were also able as replays via the Live Extra service or through NBCSN replays.

        As to why games couldn’t be shown on USA/Bravo/E/etc during the season:
        1) Those channels have paid programming commitments on weekend mornings. The good folk at Comcast/NBC aren’t going to give up the revenue they earn from that anytime soon
        2) It wouldn’t make sense for say E!, an entertainment network to be showing sport at a consistent time each week. That’s why NBCSN exists!

        Finally, I hate doing this but you might want to have a look at your spelling and grammar…

    2. It’s not that great compared to other countries. I experienced the EPL when it was with Abu Dhabi Sports and AlJazeera (now Bein Sports) in the middle east. And they show all 10 EPL games live every week.

      1. Which is exactly what NBC does now, providing your cable/satellite provider offers Extra Time…

        The only difference is the Middle East version of beIN Sports shows the games on their various channels since they have 10+ channels available. While NBC shows the games on channels which are used by most providers as ‘overflow sports networks’ for extra college matches or other ‘out-of-market’ sport packages

      2. Not anymore, l believe they lost the rights. I visited the Middle East several times this year and Al Jazeera and Bein were only showing Bundesliga live. They showed Premier League replays with Arabic commentators. Which was a downer because it used to be 24 /7 football from the UK.

  3. There are only 2 races up for grabs on Sunday. Who finishes first (Manchester City or Liverpool)and who finishes 6th for that final Europa League spot (Spurs or Manchester United).

    City win the title with at least a draw against West Ham regardless of what happens with Liverpool against Newcastle. Only a City loss and a Liverpool win gives Liverpool the title.

    Spurs clinch 6th with at least a draw at home against Aston Villa regardless of what happens with Manchester United at Southampton. Only a Spurs loss and United win will give United 6th spot on better goal difference.

      1. I expect either City or Spurs to lose. Don’t think it will be City. Sorry but I think United will be playing Thursday night football which won’t be a bad thing as it will give them two shots of Champions league football in 2015-16 as the winner of Europa League will now be given an automatic berth in the Champions League.

        1. Spurs supporters do not need to worry.

          My accountants tell me that MANU will make 3 times as much money playing 6 friendlies in Asia during the Autumn compared to playing in the Europa League group stage.

  4. As of this moment the NBC affiliate in Nashville, TN(WSMV) has on the schedule for 9am central/10am eastern something called “Lazytown” which will be followed by “Zou” at 9:30am. I assume these are animated children’s programs. The 10am to 11am slot is filled by another program which is also not a Premier League match.

    Fortunately I have NBCSN on our cable package which grants me access to NBC Sports Live Extra so I expect that I will be able to stream Manchester City v West Ham. According to the on screen TV schedule for this Sunday morning I’ll be able to see every game on TV except the NBC over-the-air broadcast. This is disappointing considering that WSMV had carried the Saturday over-the-air Premier League broadcasts all season and that all of the NBC affiliates would have been made aware of the fact that on May 11, 2014 at 10am eastern/9am central NBC would be broadcasting one of the 10 matches of the last day of the season from the time the NBC deal with the Premier League was announced way back in October of 2012.

    Considering the situation here in Nashville I have to wonder how many other NBC affiliates across the country will be pre-empting the Man City v West Ham match. I would ask that any of you who read this check your local listings and report back so Christopher can pass along an inquiry or complaint to his contacts in high places at NBC.

  5. NBCU’s Championship Sunday appears to be a dud. Everything appears to have been decided barring miracles.

    Happy to have saved my money for American Idol instead.

    1. 4 matches have significance:

      Liverpool vs Newcastle
      Man City vs West Ham
      Southampton vs Man United
      Spurs vs Aston Villa

      If West Ham beats City on Sunday, you may regret saving your money for ‘American Idol’ 😉

  6. Wow…There really are people here complaining about NBC’s coverage. I thought it was just a Fox thing that most people on site bitched about but this clearly shows that some of you are just never happy. I feel bad.

    1. Those are the Fox plants… They have been doing it all season.

      90% of the Gus defenders… All Fox employees

      No one should be complaining about this coverage

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