They May Not Win the League, But Liverpool Have Won New Fans With Their Breathtaking Style

Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club may not win the Premier League title this season, but to many soccer fans worldwide the brand of football displayed by Brendan Rodgers’ Reds this season has been refreshing and, at times, wonderfully exhilarating. They have played the game in a manner the game ought to be played. It was exciting, attacking soccer that has provided massive entertainment for those of us who love this most beautiful of games.

Rodgers and his team will no doubt be dragged over the coals for their approach to the Crystal Palace game, with many critics saying that they should have been more tactically aware and hearing the term “manage the game” being bandied about quite a lot. To all this, I say rubbish. Teams ought to play to their strengths and Liverpool’s strength is in their attack — plain and simple. Defensively, Liverpool is poor. Their center-back combinations cannot be qualified as the highest quality. Glen Johnson has once and for all proven to even the uninitiated that he cannot defend at all. If Hodgson was watching at Selhurst Park, let’s hope he took note for England’s sake.

Merely winning the game was simply not enough against Palace. Liverpool needed goals if they were going to give themselves a chance at the title. The fact that they were not content to close up shop at 3-0 is a testament to Rodgers and his team. Liverpool fans, though disappointed, should be extremely proud of how their manager and his team have approached this season especially in an era where it has become the norm for so-called “big teams” to park the proverbial bus and try to grind out one nil results — which ultimately results in dour insipid games that not even the match officials should have to suffer through.

Arsenal and Manchester United won Premier League titles with wonderfully gifted teams playing absolutely breathtaking football. So did Chelsea in their 2009-2010 title-winning season when they netted a whooping 103 goals. That’s the type of soccer fans pay good money to see. We even remember the teams such as Newcastle United in the mid 90s and Leeds United at the turn of the century that won no titles but entertained in a memorable way, playing the game the way it ought to be played.

When Liverpool face Newcastle on Sunday, they should play with the same verve and panache that have won them so many new fans this season. They may not win the title but they have won the appreciation of true soccer lovers across the globe. And we look forward to watching more of the same next season.

Mr Rodgers and co, continue playing good football and leave the “bus parking” to the valets.

23 thoughts on “They May Not Win the League, But Liverpool Have Won New Fans With Their Breathtaking Style”

  1. I thought Liverpool played it’s best defense (3-5 clean sheets in March) by playing Skrtel in the center with Agger. I didn’t see enough upgrade in Sakho to sit Agger again. I didn’t agree with Rodgers there. That said I hear if Tata Martino is fired, Rodgers is on a short list of managers that Barca wants. I hope, for all of Liverpool Nation’s sake this does not happen.

  2. Take away Suarez, they wouldn’t be top four. Take away Van Persie last year and Utd don’t win the league and Aguero the year before for City. Don’t underestimate the importance of a world class striker. Even Arsenal won titles when Henry was on top of his game. Liverpool benefited from a great year from Suarez, that’s all.

    1. This just in: teams with Player of the Year winners compete for the league.

      goatslookshifty tomorrow: ‘water is wet’. lol

      1. Welcome to WST, JamieU. Where have you been all season? This site has been missing the snarky and argumentative insights of todays adolescent generation. Good to have you here.

  3. What a load of rubbish
    If Liverpool were playing mid week European ties then trying to play the same style on a weekend they would run out of legs with 30 minutes to go and lose 4-3 every week. Players are human remember, they can’t run forever. Almost worked this year cause they sat on their ass midweek, that’s all. Let’s see how entertaining they look finishing mid table with stoke next year.

    1. It has been noticeable all season how Liverpool have faded badly in the 2nd half of games even playing just one game a week.
      Whilst they may add to the squad, although they have one of the largest registered already, it will be interesting to see how they cope although I don’t expect them to go far in Europe anyway.

  4. Liverpool fans, the team and the coach should be proud no matter what happens over the next week. They exceeded what they were meant to do this year so this was an added bonus. Cherish it, they were fun to watch and had us all believing. Even this Arsenal fan.

    1. Agree completely. I think our family of Gunners watched and enjoyed the Liverpool games (almost) as much as the Arsenal games… my youngest son even came down to breakfast yesterday after the loss wearing a hand me down Liverpool jersey. I know fundamentalists might find this “split interest” disturbing, but there’s the team you support and the teams you respect and wish success for when your team is out of the race. Looking forward to next year’s campaign.

  5. Agree with most of what has been writen but I have to question Rodgers’s substitution of Moses instead of Agger with barely 2 minutes of regular time left. He did bring on Agger against Norwich but for whatever reason decided not to do so at Palace. The loss of two points at Palace is mostly Rodgers’s doing. Yes, the players were at fault too but this one should be on the manager.

    Otherwise, I have no complaints about Rodgers’s tactics of trying to outscore the opposition. Not trying to proect a lead early is fine especially with the offence they have. But when you are a goal ahead, away from home, you cannot make an offensive substitution in a game where the opposition were coming on strong and had just scored two goals within minutes.

  6. Superb football all season long. The 20 minute destruction of Arsenal was memorable, and Suarez didn’t even score in that one. They are perhaps a top goalkeeper and better central defensive pair away from being right there again next season. If they had a Kompany or a Terry to organize that defense they would have won the league.

  7. Liverpool won’t ever have a better shot at winning the league. Utd, Chelsea, city and Arsenal will all spend big in the summer so most likely liveepool will be back to challenging for 4th spot. They caught a lot of breaks this season in games and it still wasn’t enough to get it done. With European football and such a small squad they will struggle domestically.

    1. LFC will spend this summer and have as good or much better manager than all the teams you mention. Plus, compare their youth with say, Utd who have one player of promise under 20-22.

      Plus, they have the additional revenue coming from the expanded Anfield…

      1. “LFC will spend this summer and have as good or much better manager than all the teams you mention.”

        First part of the sentence makes sense. The second part is silly. I loved watching Liverpool this season but Rodgers is not as good as those other managers yet (excluding Utd of course).

  8. At 70 minutes against Palace, Liverpool looked physically and mentally tired. 3-0 up with three points in the bag they could have slowed the game down and lived to fight another day.

    They actually remind me of Wimbledon’s crazy gang who only knew how to keep going forward. If attack is your best form of defence then you will get found out.

    1. Don’t act like the house is burning down… this is a team about to finish #2 in (maybe) the toughest league in the world.

  9. At the beginning of the season, i thought liverpool had an outside chance at 4th, but more likely would finish 5th or 6th.

    To be going into the final match of the season with a chance to win the league (albeit a very small one) and the fact that they will go from 7th in the league 2nd in one season and qualified for the champions league group stage is unbelievable.

    I’m disappointed they didn’t close it out, but it was always going to be a tall order to win 14 straight. Either way, they’ve got a very young squad that gained valuable experience and they’ll have money to spend in the next transfer window to strengthen the team and fill some holes to prepare for both the league and champions league next season.

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