Manchester City to be Fined £50million By UEFA For Breaching Financial Fair Play Rules

Manchester City are set to be fined £50million, as well as having their UEFA Champions League squad restricted to 21 players, as a result of breaching the Financial Fair Play rules, according to sources.

City are reported to be ready to appeal the sanctions, which means the case will be presented to panel whose non-negotiable decision will be final.

If City’s appeal fails, the club will have to pay the £50million fine over three seasons.

The full confirmation of the fine and conditions imposed against City are expected to be officially announced this week or next week.

Meanwhile, French newspaper L’Equipe is reporting that Paris Saint-Germain will face even stiffer penalties than City, which will impact PSG’s wage bill and transfers in addition to a fine and squad size restriction.

It’s the squad-size restriction that is going to damage City the most. The reduction of the squad size from 25 to 21 means the club will have to cope with a smaller squad size, which also needs to include 8 locally-trained players.

What’s your opinion about the potential fine and squad reduction for City? Do you have the fine is harsh enough or not, and how will the squad size reduce the team’s Champions League chances in your opinion? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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