Atlanta Phoenix Is Best Choice For Name Of MLS Team

Last week, that Atlanta Business Journal newspaper created a poll asking readers what they thought the name of their new 2017 MLS franchise soccer team should be. After over 1,000 entries, the results are in. With over 29% of the votes, the fans decided that Atlanta Phoenix would be the perfect name.

The top two runners-up included Premier Atlanta (nearly 17 percent of the vote) and Atlanta Blaze (more than 11 percent).

Atlanta Phoenix, referring to the bird, would fall in line with the bird-named theme of Atlanta’s Falcons (NFL) and Hawks (NBA), and it has deep roots within the city. Although not a real bird, the Phoenix was adopted as the symbol of Atlanta after the Civil War.

For those that don’t know American History, the city of Atlanta was burned to the ground during the Civil War by William T. Sherman’s Union army.

The Phoenix is embedded in Atlanta’s DNA, so much so that “Atlanta From The Ashes,” a bronze monument located in Woodruff Park, symbolizes Atlanta’s rise from the ashes of the Civil War to become one of the most important cities in the United States.

It seems fitting that its soccer team should be called Atlanta Phoenix — a team who none thought could be a reality is now very much real. They will rise from the ashes of doubt and become of the forces to be reckoned with in MLS.

The other names proposed were:

Atlanta Fury, Atlanta United FC, ATL United, Atlanta Rising, Atlanta Soccer Club, Atlanta Lynix, Atlanta FC, Resurgens FC, Atlanta Resurgens FC, Atlanta Resurgents, Atlanta Orangemen (a Home Depot reference), Atlanta Football Club, FC Atlanta, Atlanta City Football Club, Terminus FC, Terminus Legion, Atlanta Ringleader FC, Atlanta Old Confederacy, Atlanta Gryphons, Atlanta Osprey, Atlanta Copperheads, Dixie FC, FC Dixie, Atlanta Thunderbirds, Atlanta Athletic FC, Atlanta Swallows, Atlanta Blanks, Atlanta FC Battle, Atlanta Attack, Red Golds, Inter Atlanta, Atlanta Riders, Atlanta Georgians, Atlanta Firecrackers, Atlanta Talons,  Atlanta Flight, Atlanta Thunder, Atlanta Warriors, Atlanta Scorz, Ball Kickers, Atlanta Rails, Atlanta Locomotive, Locomotive Atlanta, Georgia Gents, Georgia (or Atlanta) Cannon, Stallions, Atlanta Rage!, and Atlanta Free Birds.

I strongly believe Atlanta Phoenix is the best choice. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Atlanta Phoenix Is Best Choice For Name Of MLS Team”

  1. Worst idea ever. One thing to have a Phoenix as a mascot/symbol and another to have that name in the branding. Club Atlanta with a big orange bird on the crest works for me.

  2. I get the connection to the city, but Altanta Phoenix just doesn’t roll off the tongue well. I like the idea of using the Phoenix as the mascot, but call them the Atlanta Firebirds instead.

    1. Why do people want a club name FC in a league where it’s called soccer?

      Beyond dumb.

      Oh wait we have to copy the all mighty Euro teams.

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