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Arsenal Defender Bacary Sagna Wants to Join Chelsea or Manchester City, Says Report

bacary sagna Arsenal Defender Bacary Sagna Wants to Join Chelsea or Manchester City, Says Report

Bacary Sagna is said to be looking to other English Premier League teams instead of taking a closer look at offers from clubs like Inter Milan and Galatasaray in what could be the latest in a trend of Arsenal players leaving the Gunners for another Premier League team. As reported by the French daily newspaper L’Equipe, Sagna is unhappy with Arsenal’s latest offer but is interested in remaining in England, and is specifically looking to play with either Manchester City or Chelsea.

Former teammate Ashley Cole, whose number 3 jersey Sagna took charge of after Cole left, won countless trophies after leaving Arsenal, including an UEFA Champions League medal. Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri are also two names he’s familiar with. Both play for Manchester City where they are having a fantastic season, looking like a shoe-in to become the League Champions after Liverpool’s 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace.

Sagna joined the Gunners in 2007 where he was named to the PFA Team of the Year and scored a header to give Arsenal the lead and Sagna his first League goal. The 2008-2009 season was when he signed his contract extension to 2014, but was hit with injuries throughout the 2010-2011 season where he struggled to live up to his previous season’s standards of competition and play. During the 2010 season, trade rumors first popped up, showing an early interest from Inter Milan who are currently pursuing the full back. Sagna made his 100th League start for Arsenal in 2010 where he was included in the PFA Team of the Year for the second time. The full back has proved to be athletic and is able to fill in the position of center back when needed.

When speaking to the press earlier this season, he seemed interested in staying at Arsenal, going on to say, “It’s great here. It was like a dream when I joined the club because I used to follow Arsenal when I was in France and then I had the opportunity to join them and it’s a pleasure to play for the team.” The contract dispute is seemingly due to money and the amount of time his contract will be extended, according to L’Equipe as well as the possibility of winning a league title with an Arsenal rival team in England. Sagna is said to want £100k per week, according to the French daily, as well as a three year extension. Arsenal is said to be offering a two year extension as well as an increase of £40k per week.

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2 Responses to Arsenal Defender Bacary Sagna Wants to Join Chelsea or Manchester City, Says Report

  1. Cody (#2) says:

    Good player when it comes to position awareness, pace, and defending skill, but struggles to get a cross past the first man.

    At his age, probably not worth what City will offer him. Good bye.

  2. Flyvanescence says:

    Its pretty obvious

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