ESPN Press Conference to Announce its World Cup Broadcast Plan

ESPN will today announce more details regarding its broadcast plans for the 2014 World Cup.

The press conference featuring ESPN President John Skipper, his fellow executives and several ESPN soccer personalities kicks off at 11am ET at the Paley Center in New York City.

World Soccer Talk will be there covering the news and conducting interviews to bring you the latest World Cup broadcast news.

In the meantime, bookmark our new 2014 World Cup page that features all the news that we know to date, and other World Cup-related stories and videos.

ESPN’s Bob Ley will be the emcee for the event.

UPDATE: I managed to get several interviews and lots of interesting details from ESPN, which I’ll be sharing over the weekend. Keep an eye out.

12 thoughts on “ESPN Press Conference to Announce its World Cup Broadcast Plan”

  1. NBC has done a great job with their premier league coverage, but there is something that I miss about Macca & Ian doing the early game on ESPN.

    Wish they somehow could have came over to NBC.

    1. Agree totally. Breakfast time with hot chocolate pancakes eggs bacon and ian and macca. Not the same anymore.

    1. People can bulge the ole onion bag on ESPN radio. He’ll be calling games with JP Dellacamera for ESPN Radio

    1. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt for this WC. Now that they have Craig Burley, I hope they don’t expect Alexi to be quite as “arrogant bad guy” with all his comments. I get the impression that he was brought on to be controversial. Hopefully that can be spread out between the 2 of them this summer.

      His comments toward Michael Ballack during Euro 12 were unprofessional and embarrassing. I was waiting for Ballack to put him in his place….

      1. Lalas does often criticize the USA team, which I give him credit for. A lot of Americans swear they are better than they actually are. Craig Burley won’t put up with his smart-arsey behavior.

    2. I hear he was going to talk in an English accent to gain more credabilty with the world soccer talk readers. You guys should be set.

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