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Europa League Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Juventus vs Benfica & Valencia vs Sevilla: Open Thread

europa league trophy Europa League Semi Final 2nd Leg: Juventus vs Benfica & Valencia vs Sevilla: Open Thread

Today we’ll find out who will be playing in the 2014 Europa League Final after the semi-finals are completed between Juventus and Benfica, and Valencia vs Sevilla.

Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US:

Juventus vs Benfica, 3pm ET, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer 2Go
Valencia vs Sevilla, 3pm ET, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Soccer 2Go

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

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16 Responses to Europa League Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Juventus vs Benfica & Valencia vs Sevilla: Open Thread

  1. Burnsey says:

    Are these guys commentating from the studio? Why not use the world feed? Gaffer…is that expensive for Fox?

    • Christopher Harris says:

      The world feed is included with the rights that they pay for. FOX is using the UEFA Europa League as a testing ground for their commentators, as well as to give some of them something to keep them busy. They’ve been commentating “off the tube” all season long for Europa League.

  2. AG says:

    it’s also on ESPN Deportes and on the WatchEspn App, much better commentary. Forza Juve!

  3. Burnsey says:

    Just gave away the score on the other game during the commentary…..where are you Ian Darke with your warning?

  4. IanCransonsKnees says:

    Given your roots have you seen this story Gaffer?

    Mestella is a fantastic stadium, I’ll definitely return one day. Everything that’s wrong with money and football is played out their though, a half built rotting replacement for the Mestalla stalled and inert. A zombie is the best word to describe how they appear at to be existing at the moment.

    • Christopher Harris says:

      Didn’t’ see the story until now. Pontypridd is further down the valleys from me. I grew up in west Wales, on the western side of the Black Mountains.

      • IanCransonsKnees says:

        The Black Mountains, there’s an evocative name. I bet your kids don’t believe anywhere of the sort exists ;-)

        • Christopher Harris says:

          I keep telling them about the castles and the ancient Roman roads, caves and other treasures of Wales, but they only partly believe me. I think they think I’m telling them a fairy tale, but it’s real!

  5. Burnsey says:

    Really Clattenberg….that’s a yellow.

  6. Christopher Harris says:

    Come on Juventus. They’ve got to score in the next 10 minutes.

  7. Burnsey says:

    Common Clattenberg….use common sense…give yellows….now 2 guys would miss the final for handbags on the sideline.

  8. Christopher Harris says:

    It’s all kicking off in Juve vs Benfica. Portuguese side playing with 9 men against 11.

  9. Christopher Harris says:

    Another impressive commentary by John Strong. He’s getting better and better.

  10. Gerry says:

    Benfica make it to another European final but will the curse be lifted this time or will it be another defeat in Europe. They haven’t won a European trophy since 1962.

    What an ending in Spain with Sevilla scoring in injury time to go through on away goals. Valencia must be gutted after losing 2-0 at Sevilla and were 3-0 going into injury time.

    Let’s hope the final is a good one.

  11. Bo says:

    Benfica have a chance to win all 4 trophies this season. They already won the league. Have a chance with the Taça da Liga (League cup) and Taça de Portugal (Domestic cup. And now the Europa League. Wow…

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