Enter to Win a Trip To Brazil For World Cup 2014 [CONTEST]

Now if you’re not excited for the World Cup, then you are clearly on the wrong website. For those who are, which should be everyone, you will be delighted to know that a respected bookmaker is actually hiring.

TitanBet are looking to fly someone out to Brazil and employ them in a role that is best described as the bee’s knees. Like all jobs, you will be needed to put in some effort, a handful of tweets, a couple of blog posts, and a selections of snaps and you have fulfilled the requirements necessitated by this job. In return for this arduous work, not only will they fly you out to Brazil and accommodate you whilst there, they’ll reward you to the tune of £4,000 and give you a Go Pro camera.

If the job description isn’t enough, here’s Ray Parlour.

Presuming the above has piqued your interest, you will need to make an original video, no longer than a minute, showcasing your presenting skills and proving why you deserve to be the one chosen.

Once you have made your video, upload it YouTube. After uploading your video, post the YouTube link onto the TitanBet Facebook page and cross your fingers.

The overall popularity of the video and the views of a panel of judges will ultimately decide on who will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime.

In order to be considered for the vacant role, you will also need to create a TitanBet account, like their Facebook page, and agree to the Terms & Conditions, all before the May 26 deadline.

For any football fanatic, submitting a video is a no brainer. Where would you rather be watching the action, on your sofa or in Brazil?

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  1. Brazil team played good in world cup. this team is very strong team. I pray to my god Brazil win this world cup .

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