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Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid, UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Open Thread

chelsea atletico madrid1 Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid, UEFA Champions League Semi Final 2nd Leg: Open Thread

Take a moment and savor yesterday’s entertaining display by Real Madrid against Bayern Munich. While today’s game between Chelsea and Atletico Madrid will be exciting, it’ll be for much different reasons as both defensively-minded clubs clash to determine who will play Los Blancos in the final in Lisbon next month.

For viewers in the United States, today’s match begins at 2pm ET on FOX Sports 1 with studio host Rob Stone and studio pundits Warren Barton, Brian McBride and Mario Melchiot.

The commentators will be Martin Tyler and Gary Neville.

Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US:

Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid, 2:45pm, FOX Sports 1 and FOX Soccer 2Go

Starting line-ups:

Chelsea: Schwarzer; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry, Cole; Willian, Ramires, David Luiz, Azpilicueta; Hazard; Torres

Atletico Madrid: Courtois; Torres, Miranda, Godin, Luis, Cardoso, Suarez, Koke, Arda Turan, Adrian, Diego Costa

Before, during or after today’s match, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

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55 Responses to Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid, UEFA Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg: Open Thread

  1. Ianor says:

    One good stat: when martin tyler commentates chelsea’s knock out matches chelsea always progress i.e 2012 vs napoli round of 16.against benfica and the final in munich. This year against psg and now a. Madrid.

  2. Rob says:

    I wonder what Chelsea are going to do tonight, put everyone behind the ball?
    Horrible club

  3. Christopher Harris says:

    Depending on how Mourinho puts his players, this looks like an extremely defensive formation with six defenders in the team. Unbelievable!

  4. Gringo says:

    No Gus?


  5. yespage says:

    Gotta love the commentary from the BBC.

    “I’m not sure it’s worth reporting, but hey ho…the ball falls to Eden Hazard on the edge of the box but the talented Belgian cocks it up completely and slices his volley high into the air. The ball came back down with snow on it.”

    Don’t get that in the states.

  6. goisles01 says:

    Now Chelsea regrets the pragmatism that didn’t let them get that away goal in the first leg

  7. Gringo says:

    Rob Stone talking about the “Road Goal Rule”….

  8. Ianor says:

    Let’s remember there is still long 45 minutes to go. Forget about the away goals.

  9. goisles01 says:

    Chelsea fans may be sour about not going to a final but inside they must be tickled pink that they have Courtois for their future

  10. Ianor says:

    German football was top 12 months ago. Now spanish football is top.

  11. Christopher Harris says:

    FOX Sports would have hoped for a Real Madrid vs Chelsea final, from a ratings perspective. An all Madrid final will be a great spectacle to watch but is not going to win over the masses.

  12. Christopher Harris says:

    I wonder how many of these Atletico Madrid players will be playing in the Premier League next season, as well as Diego Simeone.

    • goisles01 says:

      Yes. Atletico will continue their long and sorry history of having to sell their top players because they can’t afford them. Reminds me of the NY Islanders. Trying to find talent on the cheap and hope that lightning strikes. Not an optimal way of running a club

    • CH says:

      Simeone wont go to the premier league next hell go to Inter. But Arda Turan has constantly been linked to liverpool and Costa to Chelsea so i think probably four. Costa,Arda,Coutouis and probably Miranda.

  13. goisles01 says:

    Real beat Atletico, I believe 3 times, both legs in the Copa Del Rey while not conceding a goal. Atletico also lost the Super Cup to Barca. Except for this leg Atletico did not do well in tournaments this year against top clubs. I still make Real the favorites in the final

    • San Fransiscan says:

      But Atletico beat Real in the league at the Santiago Bernabeu.

      • goisles01 says:

        Also Real equalized late in the reverse fixture to claim a point at the Vincente Calderon. One game final anything is possible

        • goisles01 says:

          ask the New England Patriots ;)

          • Jake says:

            Real beat them in the Copa. Hardly a competition to make them as favorites. They also had fortunate deflections against Atletico and were vastly outplayed in the2-2 draw.
            Barca drew 1-1 away to Atleticoand tied 0-0 aat home in thr Super Copa and won on away goals. They just beat Barca in the QF of the UCL and hit the bar 4 times in a 1nil win which should have been like the scoreline we saw yesterday.
            Why don’t you mention that the last 2 times they’ve been to the Bernabeu asides from the Copa loss this year they’ve won 1nil?
            The last final they played against Real they beat them last year.
            I’d make them the favorites. They have 5draws and 1 win in their last 6 against Barcelona. There is a reason they’re top of thr league. Don’t expect them to give up soft goals like Bayern did.

          • goisles01 says:

            my only point was that in their domestic competitions they didn’t fare as well in terms of results. I know they had success last year but im only counting this year and Atletico’s only result came without Bale in the lineup in Sept. Real in great form now attacking and defending

  14. Ivan says:

    All Spanish final for the Champions League. 3 out of the 4 finalists in Europe this year are from La Liga.

    The Spanish League is top class, no argument there.

  15. CH says:

    There is no doubt who’s belgium’s #1 and the worlds #1 at this point. If Migolet doesn’t like it id risk it and leave him off the roster. Belgium with some luck and togetherness could get to the SF.

    • Aaron says:

      What are you talking about? Mignolet asked his coach why he was dropped from number one having just started two matches and Courtois weirdly took that rather obvious question and went all drama queen to the press. Mignolet has been nothing but dignified through the entire affair and has stated that he will fight to regain the spot, while Courtois has maintained a ridiculously defensive and insulting posture.

      And, yes, Courtois IS better, but he comes across as a colossal d***head.

  16. M owen says:

    Thank you Athleti for put that tactical genius back in his place. I guess they parked one two many times.
    I guess Jose would cry about Athleti keeper being allowed to play as the reason they lost.

    • Jake says:

      How did they put Mou back in his place? They first goal was a massive error from Cole because all he has to do is clear it (doesn’t matter if your trying to not scorean OG you just don’t don’t take the chance no one is behind you).
      2nd goal was even worse. Why would you kick him down and his touch was taking him away from goal. Those 2 goals were absolutely horrible. I’d say he got tactics right but individual errors cost his team.
      All goals are from errors but the first 2 were horrendous and could have been avoided easily.
      Atletico dominated after the second goal because they are the same as Chelsea inthat they “Park the bus”. You can’t give up goals against those teams because as we saw they counter extremely well and are fluid all throughout the midfield.
      How many other managers are 8/8 in UCL Quarter finals? He’s been to 4 straight semis the longest run of the past 10 years from a manager.
      Parking the bus I’d a legitimate tactic and I have yet to find a Chelsea fan that wasn’t happy when they won it in 2012. I don’t like it personally but it wins games so I’d take it. He wasn’t out witted by Simeone today errors cost his team not him. I think it’s en vogue to hate Mourinho but it’s most likely because his team’s wins.
      I’m a United fan by the way so need for calling me a Chelsea homer or anything like that.

      • Burnsey says:

        By the same token, don’t call Mourinho a tactical genius after the Liverpool game when Gerard’s slip gifted them the first goal and then a last minute counter for the clincher. Unlike Chelsea, Atletico tried to win both games…..anti-football thankfully met its match tonight.

      • Rob says:

        not going for an away goal blew it for them, bad planning.

  17. Smokey Bacon says:

    Anti-Football 1 Football 3

  18. Clampdown says:

    John Teary

  19. Gerry says:

    Well done to Atletico. They deserved their win as they didn’t set up to defend in both legs like Chelsea did. It’s shocking that Chelsea started with 5 defenders and Luiz in front of them at home.

    Mourinho has now won only 2 out of the 8 semi-finals he’s been in in the Champions League. For the Special One that’s not very special.

    • BBC Lisbon 2014 says:

      How many other managers have been to 8 semifinals?
      The most wins of the European Cup by a manager is Bob Paisley with 3 most Finals is by Fergie with 4. To say he’s not so special is ignorant I’d say. He may be a dick but he’s been in the competition every season since the 2003-2004 season. That’s 8 finals in 10 seasons. That’s probably the best record of any manager in the competition.
      It’s the hardest trophy to win so I don’t get your bias.
      Before he came my Madrid lost 7 straight RD. Of 16 ties one with the current city manager Pelligrini at the helm where we lost to Lyon.

    • Kyle says:

      That’s 4 straight semi-final losses for Jose. How many more till he becomes a specialist in failure :-) .

      Apart from Porto, he has been in charge of top clubs with top talent. He should be doing better with the talent at his disposal. But hey, if fans of his clubs are happy about it so be it. For the neutrals it’s fair game to point out his failures especially given his gamesmanship.

      • BBC Lisbon 2014 says:

        Tell me what season was he supposed to win the Champions League?
        He lost on pens in 2012.
        A stupid Pepe red card resulted in Madrid losing 2nil at home.
        Last year he lost to BVB 4-3 on aggregate. Hardly a poor record.
        Inter Milan was a top club with top talent? They had talent to a certain degree but never had loads of money when he was there. He was shrewd in his business there selling Ibra for 60 mil and getting Eto’o as part of the deal.
        He bought Wesley Sneijder for inter and turned him into something special. He bought Lucio also.
        He bought players for reasonable fees and he won the treble.
        I’m a Real fan and I was delighted with his return.
        Once again 8 Semifinals and 2 wins in the final is a success in and of itself.
        That’s not a poor record it just shows how good he is. Separate your obvious bias from his record as a manager. The best team doesn’t always win the competition.

  20. Aaron says:

    Fox’s pundits brilliantly state that both teams will try to win the final.

  21. San Fransiscan says:

    Rob Store saying Ronaldo is going back home. He’s forgetting that they are playing at Benfica’s home stadium. Ronaldo hates that team.

  22. R.O says:

    The Final:

    RM vs AM, some thoughts. For the non-Spanish football fan and TV media, this is not the final that was wanted. Not saying people would watch but a RM vs Chelsea final I think would have had a much larger TV audience and hype.

    As a neutral fan for the CL now, I’d like to see Atl. Madrid win.

    If they did, the game in San Francisco (Stanford) of Atl. Mardid vs Quakes will be great and tickets will sell fast.

    • R.O says:

      Opps, game vs quakes is at Candlestick. My mistake.

    • Pakapala says:

      You will be surprised then. Among the last 4 teams left, the only final that would have top this for non-Spanish football fans would have been: Bayern Munich v Real Madrid.

      Atletico and Chelsea that’s a tie as far as global fans interest

      • R.O says:

        You maybe correct. I feel it will be a good game. The only thing I’m hoping it will not become is a foul filled nasty game, as these two teams play each other at least twice a year in the league and don’t care for one another. This will be Derby and those kinds of games can become foul filled. Hoping not.

  23. Ianor says:

    Surely it had to be the under dogs year fully deserve it.

  24. Flyvanescence says:

    Real look like a team on a mission. I think they will winthe final.

  25. goatslookshifty says:

    A few points:
    Hazard is a crap defender.
    Pains me to say it but John Terry would still be in central defence for the England team.
    Chelsea were beat by a better team and players, not so much by tactics.
    AM will beat RM 2-1.

  26. Ianor says:

    Agree this is not the final that neutrals wanted or tv companies all of them wanted bayern vs chelsea first as mourinho vs guardiola, then when bayern went out last night they wanted real vs chelsea. I don’t think this final w’ll be as a good as all the german final last year.

    • Rob says:

      As a neutral, If Chelsea had made it I wouldn’t have watched it, I’ve had enough of their spoiling tactics.

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