Liverpool-Chelsea Game On NBCSN Most-Watched Early Match in U.S. History

Viewing figures are in for NBCSN’s live broadcast of Liverpool against Chelsea, the biggest match of the 2013/14 Premier League season. The 9am ET broadcast was watched by an average of 940,000 viewers, which ranks as the most-watched early (pre 10am ET) soccer broadcast ever in the United States and the third most-watched game ever on cable (behind the 1.033 million who watched the Manchester derby on ESPN in April, 2012, and the 1.019 million for Chelsea-Manchester United on NBCSN in January, 2014).

The viewing audience of almost 1 million soccer fans in the United States on a Sunday morning is incredible. Recently, one of NBC Sports’ executives told The Hollywood Reporter how the network has uncovered a ratings bonanza for early morning weekend television that usually runs reruns or infomercials.

“The ratings continue to deliver and grow and we’ve uncovered a new daypart,” Jon Miller, president of programming, NBC Sports and NBC Sports Network.”Rarely has anyone gone out and attacked that daypart because most people didn’t think there was an audience there, but we’ve proven that there is from August to May.”

8 thoughts on “Liverpool-Chelsea Game On NBCSN Most-Watched Early Match in U.S. History”

  1. What can ESPN and Fox learn from this? Nothing. Because they would always treat the BPL, if they still had the broadcasting rights, as something of little value that should be shown on ESPN 3, ESPN Deportes, Fox 2 or Fox Deportes, if at all.

      1. Or Fox for that matter. While the supporting programing around FSC was limited in quality, FSC gave extremely good access to the EPL, including showing about 6+ games a week by showing tape delays of games they couldn’t show live.

        1. I will agree with Remy on ESPN showing games exclusively on ESPN 3 air ESPN Deportes (still and issue) instead of showing games on both TV and internet.

          Yespage is also correct on FSC, they showed not only EPL but also Serie A and other leagues plus replays of those games throughout the week and good highlight shows. The difference is, a person either had to purchase the sports package or higher tier package to watch FSC, viewers don’t need to to that to watch NBCSN.

  2. I am happy to see NBC is getting good rating, but I wonder how many of that number will tune in again after having seen that horrendously boring display by Chelsea.

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