WATCH Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher Analyze Chelsea’s Tactics Against Liverpool [VIDEO]

Monday’s edition of Monday Night Football on Sky Sports featured Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville analyzing the tactics that Chelsea made during the 2-0 victory against Liverpool.

Carragher looked closer at Chelsea’s timewasting and tactics of parking the bus, and the mistakes that Liverpool made that played right into Jose Mourinho’s strategy of trying to prevent Liverpool from playing.

“I thought it was a proper match,” said Neville.

Watch the video analysis here:

24 thoughts on “WATCH Gary Neville & Jamie Carragher Analyze Chelsea’s Tactics Against Liverpool [VIDEO]”

  1. Absolutely brilliant analysis. I’ve been asking for a way that Liverpool might have been able to break Chelsea down without compromising their own style of play and Gary Neville has delivered and i’m smarter for it. Jamie Carragher breaking down Chelsea’s direct play to stop Liverpool’s counter-attack was equally as brilliant. I wish I could get that analysis every week, I would be a smarter football fan because of it

  2. Excellent analysis and very honest by carragher
    Fergisons United did the simple things right firstly, that’s why they frustrated me winning so many games late
    New found respect for both these guys

  3. Fascinating and lucid. Everyone with an opinion about what either team did or didn’t do, should or shouldn’t have done should watch it….and then tell us where Carra and Gary got it wrong.

    I await with bated breath.

    1. Brillant analysis by Neville, I think you will you will be waiting until you’re out of breath for a critic of that analysis :). Loved watching the analysis, bated watching the match. Maybe next time Chelsea is in a big match, I’ll skip the game and just watch the analysis.

  4. Keira Knightley (a British actress i happen to be a fan of) called Gary Neville “absolutely ####ing brilliant”. I absolutely ####ing agree with her.

    Hope he is on the Bayern v Madrid game tomorrow.

    1. Looks like it’ll be Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda doing the commentary for Bayern Munich vs Madrid, so that means no Martin Tyler and Gary Neville.

      1. I use foxsoccer2go because i dont get home from work in time anyway. So i wont have to worry about gus and wynalda.

        Is it tyler and neville? Cuz that would be absolutely perfect.

  5. I got to say, I love watching videos of this show every single Monday. Last Wednesday night after the champions league match on the sports bar they praised Gary Neville in the way he’s been doing, being a commentator and analysis.

      1. …on World Soccer Talk! We’re always on the lookout for great videos, and we’ll continue to add more each week from Neville and co. The videos aren’t available on US TV.

        You can see an archive of similar videos here.

          1. Scrumper, I just tested it on my iPad and it works OK. You have to swipe to the side to get to the ‘View media’ button near the bottom of the article, and then press play from there and it should work. If it doesn’t work, let me know which iPad model you’re using and whether you’re using Safari. Thanks!

          2. Chris I have a IPAD Air and do use Safari. The swipe to the side didn’t work and l didn’t see a view media button. However, if l select the funny
            symbol on the video screen top line that presents links to Facebook etc l can watch on U Tube.

  6. GN the best analyst in the business hands down. Shows no bias when commenting on MUFC. Clear concise and direct with comments. NBC should have set up in London and paid GN whatever it took to get him on board.

  7. Hopefully people understand why a few of us over here consider BBC’s MOTD to be turgid and old hat by comparison.

  8. I’m really starting to enjoy Carra’s analysis. I know he sometimes fumbles with his words & is hard to understand, but he has really started to give us some good stuff.

    I would love to have a show like this in the US one day, although I’m not sure who we’d get to do it.

  9. I for one initially thought Gary Neville would simply be a bumbling defender looking for a commentary job after retirement. How wrong l was! His analysis is brilliant and you can easily see how his years at Man Utd developed his tactical aptitude. I also like anyone not afraid to speak their mind about the game and he does unequivocally.

    By virtue of their position quality defenders always provide the best game analysis. Their game has been all about adhering to tactical discipline and constantly reading the opposition ready to make adjustments as necessary. A forward has his instructions but he also is paid to be inventive and create chances, and therefore, a much different agenda in terms of discipline and in my opinion much less useful in analyzing a game. Their forte is reviewing the cut and thrust of attack and complaining about defenders and referees (which l also like).

    Lee Dixon is also another very good analyst after spending years in a well drilled, very solid, back line.

  10. This was phenomenal television. I learn so much about the game and tactics when I watch Neville. Wasn’t a Carra fan but he is growing on me. I was really impressed when he told Liverpool fans to quit whining over the tactics because he was in sides that did it as well. Good for him.

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