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WATCH Jose Mourinho’s Post-Match Interview After Chelsea Defeat Liverpool 2-0 [VIDEO]

jose mourinho2 WATCH Jose Mourinhos Post Match Interview After Chelsea Defeat Liverpool 2 0 [VIDEO]

Chelsea completely blew the Premier League title race wide open today with a negative, cynical and gritty 2-0 win at Anfield, smashing Liverpool’s hopes of winning the title and putting the race firmly in the hands of Manchester City — if City can win all of their remaining games.

After Willian scored the second goal in the last few minutes of the game, Mourinho jogged down the touchline toward Anfield and celebrated in front of the Chelsea fans, thumping his chest and being the center of attention, again.

With Chelsea’s win, Jose Mourinho’s team are now back in the title race.

In his post-match interview against Liverpool, Mourinho mocked Jamie Redknapp. Watch the post-match interview here:

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12 Responses to WATCH Jose Mourinho’s Post-Match Interview After Chelsea Defeat Liverpool 2-0 [VIDEO]

  1. Smokey Bacon says:

    ” I would to thank Gerrard’s boot manufacturers..etc etc…..

  2. kwasi prince says:

    well planned game.thus what mourinho knows best

  3. Ianor says:

    I watched it after the game and i agree every thing he said. no celebration because probably the tittle is gone last weekend for chelsea. Its massive win but the big one that counts and w’ll decide chelsea’s season and mourinho’s first season is on wednesday night,and that is to reach lisbon on 25th may.

  4. Fernando says:

    And just like that, he’s right again.

  5. Chelsea Ren says:

    Honest As usual
    But people never like that do they?
    Jose can win anything anywhere with any team
    It never did have anything to do with money
    He just wins
    Ask Porto

  6. De Selby says:

    Pretty much every time Mourinho opens his trap he brings the game into disrepute.

    Starting with the time-wasting in the second minute of the game it was a disgraceful performance. Granted it wasn’t quite as disgraceful as his Porto team’s performance in the 2003 UEFA Cup final, but then again nothing really could be.

    But I’m not bitter or anything.

    And no, I’m not a Liverpool fan.

  7. francis says:

    He looks like an aged Marty McFly in that jacket

  8. SoF says:

    Why do you characterize the win as “negative” and “cynical”? You may not prefer that tactical approach but that is all that is, a preference. If they believe that is their best chance to win and they play within the rules then it is up to the other team to figure out a way to beat that approach. Robbie Earle nailed it after the match, “they get paid to win matches and they won.” Brilliant.

  9. christian says:

    Mourinho has been masterful this season. His only misstep was his comments on Wenger. For him to come back to Chelsea and get them as far as he has in his first season makes me nervous for what he does next season.

  10. Paul says:

    In case anybody is wondering why he had a rant against Redknapp, it was because of a column he wrote for Sky Sports last week in which he (quite rightly) slated Mourinho for his underhand ways and constant bitter moaning.

    Fair play to him, he got the win even if it is extremely unattractive football, it’s a results game. But he’s not the genius everybody makes out he is… if he was, they’d be miles ahead in the race already. He knows how to play it against the big teams but he misses a trick against teams he sees as below him and they’ve come back to bite him a few times this season.

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