Liverpool Unveil New Designs for Anfield Expansion [PHOTOS]

Liverpool Football Club have released new designs for the planned expansion of Anfield.

The regeneration of Anfield will see £260million invested into the local community as well as creating hundreds of jobs. The club will submit the new plans to the Liverpool City Council this summer. And if approved, construction will start next year and would be completed in time for the 2016-17 season.

The 1st phase would take the stadium capacity to 54,000 with the second phase taking the capacity to 58,000.

Ian Ayre, Liverpool FC managing director, said: “As part of our proposed stadium redevelopment project, we have unveiled the detail of our ambitious plans for an expanded Main Stand and Anfield Road stand and are embarking on a consultation process which will shape and inform our planning application.

8 thoughts on “Liverpool Unveil New Designs for Anfield Expansion [PHOTOS]”

  1. Kudos to FSG and John Henry for not being tempted to tear down Anfield and build a new stadium. Double kudos for resisting naming rights. They did a proper job renovating Fenway Park, and it looks like they’re following the same path at Anfield.

  2. Looks awesome doesn’t it. Not sure what happened to the new Anfield Road tier though because that’s nowhere to be seen on the new images – it’s just a completely rebuilt Main Stand with two new tiers which will finally see the support pillars removed so there’s no more restricted view seats! About time… fingers crossed this actually goes ahead this time.

    1. Most of these plans have the team playing in the stadium while it is fixed around them. The FSG pattern is to work your tails off while the team is not playing. They have three months of relatively good weather between end and beginning of a season and that is more than they ever had at Fenway. My guess is if the councils cooperate that this stadium will turn out great. The ownership group at Tottenham could learn something from them.

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