Jose Mourinho, Ramires and Rui Faria Charged By The FA

The FA have charged Jose Mourinho, Ramires and Rui Faria as a result of what happened during the Premier League match last Saturday where Sunderland defeated Chelsea 2-1 at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea midfielder Ramires has been charged for violent conduct following an off-the-ball incident that was not seen by the match officials but caught on video. Ramires elbowed Seb Larsson of Sunderland. The panel was unanimous that the act was one of violent conduct.

Ramires has until tomorrow at 1pm ET to respond to the charge. It’s likely that he will be suspended for the remainder of Chelsea’s season.

Meanwhile, assistant manager Rui Faria has been charged with two counts of misconduct.

A statement by The FA said, “It is alleged that in the 83rd minute of the fixture, Faria used abusive and/or insulting words towards the Fourth Official. It also alleged that Faria’s behavior following the match referee’s request that he leave the technical area amounted to improper conduct.

“The FA has designated this as a non-standard case due to the aggressive and/or threatening and/or serious nature of the reported behavior.”

Last but not least, Jose Mourinho has been charged with misconduct after his post-match comments. The FA said that “It is alleged that Mourinho’s comments constitute improper conduct, in that they call into question the integrity of the referee appointed to the above fixture and/or the integrity of Mr Mike Riley, General Manager of the Professional Game Match Officials Limited, and/or the comments bring the game into disrepute.”

Both Mourinho and Faria have until tomorrow to appeal or respond to the charge.

Mourinho’s post-match comments can be seen in the video below.

10 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho, Ramires and Rui Faria Charged By The FA”

  1. Ramires is becoming one of the worst whiners, foulers and ref-acosters in the Premier League. No surprise here.

  2. Ramires and Rui Faria totally deserve to be punished but Jose saying fantastic job about the refs performance has no grounds.

    1. Of course it does. We all know full well he was being sarcastic. Where was the need to congratulate Mike Riley?

      He’s a sore loser and was gutted his unbeaten home record was broken by the bottom team in the league. He knew it put a dent in his title challenge and he reacted with a nonsensical childish and cringeworthy rant on live TV.

      1. Ummm yeah we all “know” he was beinh sarcastic but can you prove it?… Maybe he just felt wat happened in the match was very well handled. All though we know it was sarcasm there is no way to prove t

        1. Well in that case, it’s a good job there is no set pattern the FA follow on anything so he can expect to be punished with or without them proving it. He will say he meant it, they’ll decide he didn’t and he’ll be fined.

          And it’s really not another move from the FA against Chelsea at all. Your manager was being completely sarcastic and made himself a bit of a laughing stock, your player raised his arm to Seb Larsson’s face and Jose’s right hand man stepped out of line to the fourth official. I’d say it was brought on by themselves and completely justified for them to be pulled up over it.

          You know when people have the cheek to say Liverpool are ‘always the victims’ and it’s ‘never their fault’ etc? Well take note and don’t play the ‘FA is picking on Chelsea’ card… because they’re really not.

    2. I actually thought Jose was pretty funny (and in general I’m tired of his schtick). I don’t think he should be punished either.

      Faria, though. Jeez, what a moron.

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