Jose Mourinho Threatens to Rest Key Players For Match Against Liverpool: Nightly Soccer Report

"Mourinho contro Simeone: l’Interista è in difficoltà, per chi tifare?"

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has threatened to rest key players for his club’s game against Liverpool at Anfield this Sunday. If Mourinho follows through on his promise, his actions will undoubtedly anger Manchester City supporters as they may feel that Chelsea will wreck City’s best chance to win the league if Chelsea can defeat Liverpool this weekend.

After the 0-0 draw against Atletico Madrid, Mourinho said the following regarding his team selection for Sunday’s game:

“I would play the players that are not going to play next Wednesday [against Atletico Madrid].

“I can’t decide by myself. I’m just the manager. I have to listen to the club. I think I will do it, but we have to speak internally.”

“When the Premier League decide to put that Liverpool game on Sunday, when Liverpool refuse to play on a Saturday, it is a decision I have to make with the club, if the club wants to go with everything in direction of the Champions League I am ready for that.

“We represent English football and we are the only English team that is in European competition. Spain has four and gave them all the conditions to try to have success.

“The Premier League should [fight for our match to be played on Saturday]. We have a big match on Wednesday that can give Chelsea another Champions League final, we ask, ask and asked again to play on the Saturday.

“I know what I would do, but I’m not the club. I have to speak with the club.”

Even if Chelsea beat Liverpool this Sunday, the Blues can’t win the title if Liverpool win their final two matches of the season. However, if Chelsea beat Liverpool, Manchester City would win the title if they win their final four games.

Tonight’s words by Mourinho are a declaration that Chelsea’s best chances of winning silverware this season are in the UEFA Champions League. If Mourinho decides to rest his key players on Sunday, he still has enough depth in his squad to beat the Reds. However, he gives himself a ‘get out of jail’ card by threatening to field a “weaker” side, so even if Chelsea loses, he can use the Champions League as an excuse.

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24 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Threatens to Rest Key Players For Match Against Liverpool: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Martin Tyler even brought up how the Spanish FA allowed Real to not play this past weekend and Atletico took the option to play on Friday. The FA and Premiere League barely do anything to help the teams representing their country in the UEFA competitions.

      1. They are representing the Premier League it should be same if it was the Arse, United, or Liverpool whoever is playing in the competition.

    1. It’s not an excuse because what does Chelsea have to play for in the League?
      Absolutely nothing.
      Risking his players to appease City and neutrals would be dumb on his part.
      Any other manager with an ambition would rest their first team on Sunday. Blame Liverpool for not wanting to play on the Saturday even though they have no other competitions to play in.
      Chelsea have sowed up 3rd so all eggs are in that UEFA Champions league basket and rightly so.

      1. So ambition is throwing in the towel as far as the EPL is concerned? 3 points at Anfield and you could be back in it.

        1. Key word “Could”. They’d need Liverpool to drop points in another game and the same for City .
          As far as I’m concerned The UEFA Champions League is the most important competition. I’ve seen United win the League countless times since I’ve been a fan but the European Cup is special. It’s easier to win a league title than a UCL title. The competition is more prestigious also.
          If Sir Alex were in the same position he’d rest most of his players and field a weakened side. That’s not throwing in the towel that’s getting your priorities straight and it’s the right decision.

      2. Blame Liverpool??? Why in God’s name, if it was up to them, would they do anything to help Chelsea since they are in direct competition. Say if they did concede to play Sat. so Chelsea can field a stronger side and Chelsea beats Liverpool and City goes on to win the title? How much would the supporters come down on the club if that happened? All’s fair in love and war!
        I’ve said that Cech would be the difference maker anyway. Without Cech I don’t think Chelsea can win.

      3. What on earth is all this ‘blame Liverpool’ nonsense?

        Blame Sky and the Premier League. Sky are the ones who moved it to the Sunday! The only time a TV pick gets swapped back to the Saturday is when it doesn’t meet the unofficial 3-day rest – hence why Chelsea swapped from Sunday to Saturday last week ahead of the 1st leg. Whether or not Sunderland wanted to stay on the Sunday was irrelevant because the match was always carrying a side-note that ‘subject to involvement in the UEFA Champions League…’ – same with this Sunday’s Liverpool match.

        If UEFA had Chelsea playing Wed/Tue instead of Tue/Wed, Liverpool match would have automatically swapped to this Saturday whether Liverpool liked it or not so basically, either way Jose would have still had something to moan about.

        1. Chelsea asked Liverpool if they’d change it. Liverpool said no. How is that not in part Liverpools fault.

          Always trying to blame someone else.

          1. You being your usual bitter self there Ken I see?

            Mourinho reckons they asked Liverpool. Liverpool supposedly said no. What would Chelsea have said in the same situation? I imagine a huge NO? Should Liverpool have said “Oh yes sure, we’ll help you out! Doesn’t matter that we’re going for the title, we’d rather aid you in going for Champions League glory!”

            Sod off!

            And besides, the above is factually correct. Any changes to televised fixtures are for European involvement only. Any other dates a club can’t/won’t play on have to be submitted before the season starts (i.e. April 15th for Liverpool).

            Anything else is just Jose being his bitter self (a bit like you Ken! 😉 )

  2. Don’t believe Mourinho for one minute. He has started his mind games. Besides, several players won’t be able to play next Wednesday anyway either because they are suspended, like Lampard, or not eligible, like Salah and Matic. Mourinho will put out a strong team.

    Chelsea will try to get all 3 points against Liverpool and will only be 2 points behind them with 2 games to go and Chelsea have Norwich at home and Cardiff away while Liverpool have Crystal Palace away and Newcastle home. Chelsea will think Liverpool could drop points against Palace. Chelsea won’t park the bus against Liverpool so expect Mourinho to play an attacking side that will go for the win. Whether that plays into Liverpool’s hands is left to be seen. Man City have Palace and Everton away which won’t be easy so Chelsea are still in the title race.

    Mourinho is a master at mind games. He’ll want everyone to think he doesn’t care about the league title but as long as Chelsea are not mathematically out of it he will put out his strongest side necessary to do the job.

  3. What a shame, I’m sure all the players will be international players, it’s not like it will be a team of unexperienced youth team players is it?

  4. lol I doubt he wont play his strongest side but it wouldnt surprise me if he didnt… He’d rather throw the league to spite Pelligrini as he doesnt want to help City. It’ll be a disgrace to the PL if he doesnt play his strongest Chelzzzzz side available as if they beat Liverpool they could still win the league.

  5. Remember the last time chelsea lined up the reserves against liverbool at anfield two years ago chelsea already beat liverbool in the fa cup two days ago. That match liverbool won 4-1 and the blues went on to win the championsleague in munich, same story again, surely jose will put those who won’t play wednesday.regardless what city needs or not.

  6. If it wasn’t for Chelsea reaching finals the last 2 years and raising the English coefficient there would only be 3 places in the CL.

    ManU did this v Fulham a few years back before they played Barca so it’s been done before.

    1. Were Fulham 5pts ahead of them in the league with 3 games to go ??? coz if so then thats a fair comparison….

  7. Oliver Holt, a British journalist, tweeted that after the press conference Mourinho again said he might not play some of his players on Sunday who will pay on Wednesday, and then winked at the journalist. Says a lot.

    This is Mourinho at his best. Always thinking of ways to use the present situation to gain future advantage. He is a master at these games. No way will he field a weakened side. The only absentees will be the injured and suspended.

  8. Who is he mastering? Certainly not the competition who can’t possibly be listening to this anymore. If his games are confusing the media then what is he doing really? At least he’s not boring, although i’m listening to Talksport and they’re calling last night the worst semi-final leg ever.

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