Jose Mourinho Threatens to Rest Key Players For Match Against Liverpool: Nightly Soccer Report

"Mourinho contro Simeone: l’Interista è in difficoltà, per chi tifare?"

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has threatened to rest key players for his club’s game against Liverpool at Anfield this Sunday. If Mourinho follows through on his promise, his actions will undoubtedly anger Manchester City supporters as they may feel that Chelsea will wreck City’s best chance to win the league if Chelsea can defeat Liverpool this weekend.

After the 0-0 draw against Atletico Madrid, Mourinho said the following regarding his team selection for Sunday’s game:

“I would play the players that are not going to play next Wednesday [against Atletico Madrid].

“I can’t decide by myself. I’m just the manager. I have to listen to the club. I think I will do it, but we have to speak internally.”

“When the Premier League decide to put that Liverpool game on Sunday, when Liverpool refuse to play on a Saturday, it is a decision I have to make with the club, if the club wants to go with everything in direction of the Champions League I am ready for that.

“We represent English football and we are the only English team that is in European competition. Spain has four and gave them all the conditions to try to have success.

“The Premier League should [fight for our match to be played on Saturday]. We have a big match on Wednesday that can give Chelsea another Champions League final, we ask, ask and asked again to play on the Saturday.

“I know what I would do, but I’m not the club. I have to speak with the club.”

Even if Chelsea beat Liverpool this Sunday, the Blues can’t win the title if Liverpool win their final two matches of the season. However, if Chelsea beat Liverpool, Manchester City would win the title if they win their final four games.

Tonight’s words by Mourinho are a declaration that Chelsea’s best chances of winning silverware this season are in the UEFA Champions League. If Mourinho decides to rest his key players on Sunday, he still has enough depth in his squad to beat the Reds. However, he gives himself a ‘get out of jail’ card by threatening to field a “weaker” side, so even if Chelsea loses, he can use the Champions League as an excuse.

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