David Moyes Sacked as Manager of Manchester United

Manchester United have officially announced that David Moyes has been sacked as manager.

In a very brief statement by the club, Manchester United announced:

“Manchester United (NYSE:MANU) has announced that David Moyes has left the Club.

“The Club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.

“Following the departure of David Moyes as manager, Manchester United has announced that Ryan Giggs, the Club’s most decorated player, will assume responsibility for the First Team until a permanent appointment can be made. The Club will make no further comment on this process until it is concluded.”

Giggs will be in charge of United’s next match, which is against Norwich on Saturday, which will be televised live on US television on NBC at 12:30pm ET.

The reports published in The Daily Telegraph yesterday that Moyes was going to be sacked and replaced by Giggs turned out to be true.  Sir Alex Ferguson’s replacement lasted less than 12 months in the job, and now the focus turns to who will replace the United manager.

Phil Neville and Chris Woods will remain on as coaches, while Jimmy Lumsden and Steve Round have been sacked along with Moyes.

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30 thoughts on “David Moyes Sacked as Manager of Manchester United”

  1. Well Sir Alex is lucky he wasn’t getting into coaching now because he would have been out the door after his first season at United as well.

    1. To compare his first seasons in charge at United with the current situation is preposterous. There really is nothing about these two eras that can be compared. Moyes appointment was never really going to work. Even if he did get the transfer targets that he wanted, moyes was always going to be in over his head at United.

    2. We were 16th when Fergie took over so for you to say that is ridiculous. Taking over a 16th place side is far different than taking over the Champions.

    3. The same think happened after Busbey. There was a series of one-year managers, and Busbey even came back for a year. What is happening now is no different.

  2. Five million quid payoff but his reputation is in tatters. He’s now forever going to be in that second tier of managers with bottom/midtable clubs. Oh well…

    1. He’s found out the hard way that he’s not at the top top level yet. IMO the best thing for him would be to go somewhere like Celtic.

      If he couldn’t win trophies with Celtic in a one-team league then he really would never work again! Saying that though, I also see him as a good fit for Newcastle…

    2. Good point, but he got his chance and completely blew it. I believe that if he hadn’t played such dull football and hadn’t lost the dressing room, that he would have been allowed to stay, even without hitting any targets. Who knows, maybe then he would have hit at least one of those targets.

    3. I agree with Todd. He got his chance and completely blew it. There’s an article at The Telegraph yesterday that basically sums why he has to go.

      He will be forever associated with his failure at United like McLaren will always be associated with the umbrella

  3. Welcome to the real world, Manchester United fans, where your club is no different to every other money-driven football club in Europe. Moyes should hold his head up high, this club has done a damn good job making a farce of itself without his help.

      1. If anybody should be ashamed it’s Fergie!

        Moyes isn’t the worst manager in the world – he’s just not a top level manager at the biggest club in the world. Taking over from one of the best managers the game has ever seen was only added pressure on his shoulders. Whoever took on the job directly after Fergie was going to become a scapegoat if you ask me.

        1. Rubbish. At the start of the season, everyone said DM deserved an oppurtunity with what he accomplished at Preston and Everton. Being Lazyboy quarterback doesn’t make you brilliant. DM had his shot and he blew it. This summer we’ll be searching for quality talent including a new manager.

  4. I feel bad for Moyes (in that way I feel bad for anyone that loses a job), but he just wasn’t the man for the job. Seemed a good guy and he is a good manager, just overmatched. I wish him well.

    The most important thing is for United to make the correct hire this time.

  5. Have to say I enjoyed Gianlucca Viallis quote…..

    “If Moyes had been in Italy, he would have been sacked 3 times by now”.

  6. While few can fault United for sacking Moyes, the way they went about it has been shocking especially for a club that prides itself in doing things the right way.

    Not only were the papers all over the impending sacking all day yesterday but apparently the players were telling their friends as early as Saturday that Moyes was going to be fired after the Everton match. Was that why the players seemed disinterested against Everton? I agree with Gary Neville that United have shown little class in the way they went about the sacking of Moyes.

    1. There is only one reason why players seems disinterested, every one of them lot, because of the dinosaur small club training method and tactics of one Mr. David Moyes. Have you seen a video of him running around pointlessly with professional players trying to play “catch me if you can”. Making a complete fool of himself.

      Man Utd have dealt with the situation perfectly if you ask me. Sure there were few leaks here and there, but they always backed him up till the last moment and I had a feeling last week that he will be in United for another year. Everton game was the nail in the coffin. So please don’t blame the players. They won the title with weeks to spare last year. David Moyes’s methods and tactics, and his entire approach has been nothing but small club mentality.

      The fact of the matter is there was absolutely nothing to say this is the philosophy he is trying to instill. Nothing. Nada. 10 months is too long for this guy.

      1. The players knew on the weekend.
        And Those weren’t leaks. The media had been briefed by the Club on Monday. Even the supporters groups have said it was handled poorly.

  7. Just saw a tweet saying Juan Mata is on his 6th manager in English football, having arrived in 2011. Interesting.

  8. Now we can see how the how long Gigg’s tenure will be in coaching. I doubt it will be as successful as his playing career. The big boys don’t take too kindly to upper-mid-tier results.

    Moyes got sacked in his first year and they sit 7th in a tough field. Any of the big teams that are 1-6 (except Everton and maybe Arsenal who are overachieving IMO) can win it at any given time. He should have been given more time if Fergie had that much faith in him…

  9. Here’s hoping for a long, ugly battle to stay in the top half of the league for ManU. There’s nothing I’d like to see in sports more than for the Glazers to fail completely and lose their shirts.

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