David Moyes Could Be Sacked Soon While Ryan Giggs Would Take Temporary Charge

David Moyes will be sacked soon after losing the support of the Glazer family, according to a report in The Daily Telegraph newspaper today.

Reporter Mark Ogden, who typically has good sources at Old Traffod, says that senior executives and the Glazer family have lost faith in Moyes, and that yesterday’s 2-0 loss against Everton could be the final straw.

Ogden reports that if Moyes decides to seek assurances from Manchester United Executive Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward before this weekend’s match against Norwich City, it’s unlikely that Woodward will be able to give Moyes any assurances, which then could accelerate Moyes’ departure from the club.

Backroom staff Steve Round, Jimmy Lumsden, Phil Neville and Chris Woods are likely to be sacked too since United executives reportedly believe that the United players have lost confidence in the manager and coaches.

Manchester United are now on course for their worst finish since 1990 when Sir Alex Ferguson’s side finished in 13th position.

Meanwhile, Ogden reports that if Moyes is sacked, it’s expected that Ryan Giggs will take charge on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement can be found.

BBC Sport contacted Manchester United to get their response regarding the developing story, and said they have no comment, which is hardly a vote of confidence or denial from United.

37 thoughts on “David Moyes Could Be Sacked Soon While Ryan Giggs Would Take Temporary Charge”

  1. When you anoint someone, without any track record of winning things or having a tangible footballing philosophy; seemingly just to “carry on” as opposed to hiring someone, (a la Rogers/Liverpool) with a plan, mission, or clear goals: to re-shape, re-build a club that clearly has been in decline the last few years. It’s hardly shocking.

    1. Actually, when he was first picked, everyone was saying that DM deserves a shot because how well of a job he’s done with such a low budget club like Everton. Obviously, he’s failed in a lot of different ways that not even the players believe in him or his staff. Too many mistakes and Moyes just can’t cut the entire squad and expect to replace them with new players. When SAF disagreed with 1-2 players, easy cuts to make and find replacements. Can’t do that with the whole 30 man squad.

  2. I am so giddy about this. I literally have all the UK newspaper websites up in different tabs and keep refreshing them.

    In other news….my friends up support Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Spurs, Everton, etc. are all glum about the news. They’d like to see us give the guy a lifetime contract.

  3. Maybe Moyes was the fall guy all along. No one was ever going to emulate SAF’s successes and they just needed someone to shoulder all the blame onto and really start fresh.

  4. Gaffer,

    Just curious how does your traffic look like? Must be good for this website. There’s a high credibility of the news that Moyes will be let go.

      1. I thought you might chime in on that, jtm!

        Seriously, though, remember when McLeish had that one decent season at Brum and he was being tipped as a possible successor to Fergie. Hahahaha….

  5. By the way an anonymous source is saying Sam Allardyce is being strongly considered. Other names on the shortlist include Holloway and Mark Hughes.


  7. Jurgen Klopp being the most potential candidate on the Glazers’ list, even before Van Gaal,in short something good is coming atleast this way, but I am sure who ever it may be, will be way better than Moyes, still fingers crossed.. sorry City and Liverpool fans, ur happy days were just restricted to one season.. I may be wrong but if thing fall in Klopp or Van Gaal’s way, then I am really sorry.

  8. Not exactly a surprise, considering the abysmal showing yesterday against an Everton team playing like United used to.

  9. As someone who was early on the Moyes out bandwagon, I take no satisfaction in seeing a decent man lose his dream job. But the board has to look at the season and accept it for the disastrous mess it has been. There has been no visible improvement since the poor start. They simply cannot trust him with $200m to rebuild.

    United in 2014 is not the same United as in 1986 when SAF too over. Rather than give Moyes time to build his own team , they still have the pull to recruit a top manager like Van Gaal who will have more sway over top players.

  10. Moyes needs to go but it must be a strange dilemma for a Manchester United fan… because firing him means you bring another manager in, unproven with the club, and let them spend the money instead. It makes more sense to me that you bring in a good manager with a pedigree in the Champions league, spend a modest amount on a new midfield, pray for Van Ankles to get healthy, and see what next season brings before spending it all. Otherwise you risk being Tottenham and a ton of decent players who never gel.

  11. Well its a sad day in English football. David Moyes has been officially removed as manager of Manchester United.

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