Burnley Promoted to Premier League; Watch the Pitch Invasion [VIDEO]

Congratulations to Burnley Football Club for its promotion to the Premier League.

Burnley were one of the favorites to be relegated this season, but manager Sean Dyche has worked miracles at the club to get the most out of his players. With Burnley’s 2-0 victory against Wigan Athletic today, the Clarets have guaranteed they’ll be playing in the Premier League next season.

Here’s video of the pitch invasion:

6 thoughts on “Burnley Promoted to Premier League; Watch the Pitch Invasion [VIDEO]”

  1. YES! YES! YES! We are up and next season we are coming for the country’s best teams! Fantastic job by the ginger Mourinho and his squad, worked their butts off to get there and every single second will be well deserved. WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE!

    1. Reckon you’ll take Kightly off our hands permanently?

      Make an offer for Charlie Austin if QPR fail in the play offs.

      1. Yeah we’ll have him I think. Depends on price obviously but he’s been a solid winger, nothng spectacular but fits into Dyche’s mentality pretty well. Don’t think they’d look back at Austin after Ings/Vokes succeeded so well, it’s more a replacement for Vokes we’d be after while he’s injured.

        1. That’ll do me, hopefully we’ll be able to get Assaidi in permanently with the funds.

          Dyche has done an outstanding job and if I was him I’d be giving the Watford board a call tonight to give them some stick. He was stitched up there.

          Reckon Trippier will stay?

          1. The small squad mentality and management of Dyche would probably entice everyone to stay, I think. Trippier will stay at least for a season – given we’re probably going straight back down I’m sure his talent will get him picked up somewhere!

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