Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread

01912-47-Old Number 35-3

With most teams only having four games left in the Premier League season, the fight to avoid relegation continues today with all six games featuring one team trying to stay up this season.

Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US:

Tottenham vs Fulham, 7:45am, NBCSN; Peter Drury & Chris Waddle
Cardiff vs Stoke, 10am, NBCSN; Tony Jones & Garry Birtles
Newcastle vs Swansea, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; Phil Blacker & Davie Provan
Aston Villa vs Southampton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; Jon Speight & Barry Horne
West Ham United vs Crystal Palace, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; Gary Taphouse & Tony Gale
Chelsea vs Sunderland, 12:30pm, NBC; Arlo White & Jim Beglin

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

64 thoughts on “Premier League Saturday, Gameweek 35: Open Thread”

    1. Ian
      now that their out of the playoff run they will win.very frustrating being a fan.long way to go 88 minutes to defend.

  1. that is obscene to be mugged in the box and refs won’t call the foul.if they enforce the rule the grabbing and holding will stop.

    1. If i were king of the world i would give refs the ability to book a player without giving the pen. A pk is such a harsh penalty and can be a total game killer, yet refs have no other option to stop this kind of defending and many chicken out.

  2. I’m sorry Gaffer but Swansea must be sh!t if Ameobi can score against you. First goal in over 4 matches for Newcastle.

  3. Did I just hear right? Kevin Jarvis is being criticized for taking contact in the box last week and NOT going down? The ref doesn’t give it despite the contact. That’s why there’s diving. Palace is working hard but is generating very little from open play. From what I see Palace’s strength is their corner kicks and their keeper Speroni. West Ham getting alot of chances. Liverpool should think about playing Agger with Skrtel for an extra tall body to protect the air around goal when they go to Selhurst Park in 3 weeks

    1. Yeah 40-something keeper who hasn’t played in a while – the Cats should definitely take a few long range pops. Of course they do that every week anyway

  4. You just know Chelsea are gonna win this game but how boring are they too watch.. They seem to just grind out results.. The only game I saw that they looked quality was in the Man City one. Typical Mourinho side. How can Morgan enjoy watching this dourness game after game?? I really hope Chelski dont win the league coz they dont play anywhere near the best football to watch.

    1. It’s just Pulisball played by a manager with more vowels in his surname, which makes it acceptable to the football snobs.

  5. Some body blaming the way chelsea plays its funny. Football is all about results winning matches no matter the way yu play. Look arsenal they play the best football in the country but have they won a trophy in a decade?

    1. Are you kidding, sports are about entertainment. I don’t care how much you win, if your not entertaining I won’t be watching.

    1. At this point in time pretty much anywhere on the country. Retro 1980s ‘glory hunter’s shirts are being shaken down by the fans that switched to Manchester United in the 90s.

      1. This has a chance to be a very historical year in European Football. Liverpool’s first title in 24 years, Atletico Madrid’s first title in 23 years, Jose loses a Chelsea home match, Manchester United does NOT qualify to play in The CL, Bayern loses a league match, Juventus wins their 3rd title in a row, NO trophy for Barcelona, Messi misses a penalty. :)

    1. I love Borini. Always have. He’s calm under pressure. Just been riddled with injuries while at Liverpool.

      1. He just had that broken leg playing for Italy right? He scored against Newcastle right before the end of last year. I believe that was his only goal. I would like to have seen more of Aspas. I think LFC could have attacking depth for Europe next year.

    2. To be honest Borini was terrible for us at Liverpool. We started calling him Burrito, because he falls to pieces in the box. But that goal means we’ll start calling by his real name. Liverpool finally learn how to play the loan system.
      We’re gonna win the league! We’re gonna win the league! And now you’re gonna believe us! And now you’re gonna believe us!

  6. What will that mean if liverbool win tomorrow they go five points clear. They could wrap up the tittle next sunday if they win. with two games to go.its all in thier hands.

  7. Am I correct in thinking that if Liverpool wins tomorrow and gets a point, at least, against Chelsea, Chelsea would be eliminated on goal differential?

    1. No. Chelsea are now 2 points behind Liverpool and if Liverpool win tomorrow it will be 5 points. If Liverpool and Chelsea draw it will keep the 5 points difference with 2 matches to play so they won’t be eliminated yet. If Chelsea lost to Liverpool then it’s all over for them.

      City are now Liverpool’s main rival because if Liverpool lose one match and City win all theirs then City will win the title on goal difference, as it stands now.

      The way this season has been going I would take it one match at a time. After City’s match on Monday we will know a little more but still nothing final.

    2. If Liverpool win tomorrow they will be 5 points clear of Chelsea. Liverpool 80pts, Chelsea 75pts and Man City 71pts with 2 games in hand.

      Liverpool could even lose to Chelsea and still win the league because Man City must win every game and out score Liverpool with goal difference.

      1. “Liverpool could even lose to Chelsea and still win the league because Man City must win every game and out score Liverpool with goal difference”

        City at present have the better goal difference so City would win the title. It’s nice to try to figure out what may happen if this or that happened. But you’ll just end up with a headache as there’s still so much to play for. City have 18 points to play for, Liverpool 15 points and Chelsea 12 points. Long way to go.

  8. The only question I have about the Chelsea Sunderland match is why is it not a foul if you jump into a player in the air about to score on an open goal and it is a foul if you slid and your trailing leg catches the attackers leg? In both instances the defending player is not playing the ball and is tackling the attacker in the penalty area.

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