Nominees Announced For 2014 PFA Player of the Year Award

The nominees have been announced for the PFA Player of the Year award. Out of the six nominees for PFA Player of the Year, three of them are Liverpool footballers (Steven Gerrard, Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez). The Anfield club also got the most number of players nominated for PFA Young Player of the Year with two footballers named (Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge).

Each member of the Professional Footballers Association votes for two players. Former football Teddy Sheringham described the award as “the biggest personal award you can get in the game,” while John Terry considers it “the ultimate accolade to be voted for by your fellow professionals whom you play against week-in and week-out.”

Full list of nominees for PFA Awards 2013-14:

Men’s Players’ Player

Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Adam Lallana (Southampton)
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)
Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Yaya Toure (Manchester City)
Men’s Young Player

Ross Barkley (Everton)
Eden Hazard (Chelsea)
Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)
Luke Shaw (Southampton)
Raheem Sterling (Liverpool)
Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)

PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor said: “These Awards celebrate outstanding achievement in football and looking at this year’s nominations it is clear that this has been an incredibly competitive year.

“Each of the six men nominated for the Players’ Award could expect to be recognised by their fellow professionals, as they have each had a superb season individually and played significant roles in the success of their clubs this year.

“The quality of the Young Player nominations is a cause for real celebration. There are some extremely talented players coming through at the highest level of our domestic game and four of the six nominees already play for England, with Aaron Ramsey a stalwart of the Welsh national side.”

The winners will be announced on April 27.

13 thoughts on “Nominees Announced For 2014 PFA Player of the Year Award”

  1. Suarez hands down. Leads the EPL is scoring (he doesn’t take penalties) and assists. Not a single person in the league puts a greater amount of effort on the pitch. He has shown extremely great talent and a passion to match… and he hasn’t done anything overtly stupid this season either!

  2. Even as an MCFC supporter I’d have to vote for Suarez. His impact on the season is undeniable even though I can’t stand some of his tactics.

    Yaya has had an incredible year and maybe any other year he’d win but it’s going to be impossible to beat out Suarez.

  3. I’m a MUFC supporter. And, I have to agree with christian, the vote should go to Suarez. Consider that he was suspended for the first six games of the season and he’s still miles ahead in the goal scoring race with 29, 9 ahead of his teammate, Daniel Sturridge, who is is second place. As yespage has pointed out, Suarez hasn’t just scored goals, he’s made them as well.

    I don’t care for his tactics, for his antics, or much for him personally. But, I can’t deny the effect he’s had on the pitch. He is the modern-day football version of Dino Ciccarelli, the kind of guy you hate on other teams, but would love to have on your side.

  4. I think Suarez will win the PFA Player of the Year and Hazard as PFA Young Player of the Year. However, for the Young Player of the Year they might go for an English player and I can see them giving it to either Luke Shaw or Sturridge.

  5. No love for Defenders. I mean, just even a nomination for Terry or Cahill would have been deserved in my book.

  6. Kind of odd how when Lampard scored 20 goals, won the FA Cup and Champions League and didn’t get nominated for player of the year, but Steeevie Geeeard is getting nominated this year and hasn’t come close to doing that.

    1. It’s got nothing to do with what winners medals a player has got – it’s based purely on how good their fellow players think they are. Obviously that year, Lampard wasn’t viewed above and beyond by those he played against.

      As for Gerrard – 10 assists, 13 goals and he’s controlled the game so often from his new deeper role. I’m not saying he deserves to win (I think Suarez does) but he’s more than worthy of being on the shortlist this year.

      1. Aren’t 12 of his 13 goals penalties?
        He did nothing before the new year erither. He’d is the least worthy on the list by a long long way.

          1. Best midfielder in the league? His name starts with david and ends with silva. Yaya Toure is also better, albeit slightly mistake prone.

  7. While Suarez should win, I have a feeling Yaya Toure will win because the Liverpool players may spit the vote. It happened in the past when Man Utd won the triple. They had so many player players nominated that year, the least likely player David Ginola won because Man Utd players split the vote.

    Yaya Toure said he won’t win because African player never get recognition. I agreed with him because when it comes to world awards. Drogba and Eto were the two best strikers in the world and never came close to winning the FIFA award. I think the FIFA World Player has been ruined since they changed the format. Now it is impossible for a non-latin to win the award because their are so many latin coaches spread throughout international football there is a clear bias towards latin players.

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