Aston Villa Ownership Will Change Hands If Club Stays Up, Says Report: Daily Soccer Report

Aston Villa are set for a £200million takeover by two American billionaires if the club stays up this season. Villa are currently two wins away from reaching the safety mark of 40 points in this Premier League season.

The Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that an American consortium wants to buy the club but they’ll pull out of the deal if Villa get relegated to the Championship. The new owners are interested in spending greater amounts of money in the transfer market than current American owner Randy Lerner has done thus far.

The paper reports that “Lerner paid £62.6 million for Villa eight years ago and has spent another £250 million on players and facilities. He would ideally want his money back but a £200 million offer would most likely be too good to refuse.”

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3 thoughts on “Aston Villa Ownership Will Change Hands If Club Stays Up, Says Report: Daily Soccer Report”

    1. As a Villa fan, I disagree. It’s not so much the loss of O’Neill, but the SUDDEN departure of O’Neill, the health of Houllier (who did pretty well until he got sick), his poor replacement in McLeish, and the drying up of funds.

      It’s no secret that money wins the premiere league, and to draw talent ,and even quality gaffers, you have to be willing to spend. It’s a rich man’s toy league now.

      Lerner doesn’t have the funds to play with the big boys so it’s time to let another bored billionaire take over.


      1. Premier League clubs need large amounts to compete for the top spots. They don’t necessarily require those dollars to be quality teams. Aston Villa is spending nearly twice what Swansea City is spending in wages, yet Swansea is getting more for its relative few dollars than Villa.

        Villa’s problem isn’t that it’s difficult to do more with less; it’s problem is that the club *isn’t* doing more with less. Let’s not forget that Villa is still in the top 10 in regards to wages. However, those wages are going to some bloody awful players, and that’s more on Lambert and Faulkner than it is on Lerner.

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