Cardiff Say Defeat Against Crystal Palace Should Not Stand; Send Formal Complaint to Premier League


Cardiff City have sent a 5-page formal complaint to the Premier League to argue that the club’s 3-0 loss against Crystal Palace should not stand because the Cardiff team line-up was leaked to Palace manager Tony Pulis before kick-off, according to BBC Sport.

The text message allegedly read: “Straight from Gunnarsson their line up is 4-4-2 Marshall, KTC, Caulker, Turner, Taylor, Daehli, Medel, Mutch, Zaha, Campbell, Jones”.

Cardiff midfielder Aron Gunnarsson denies leaking the team line-up.

As it was, the team line-up that was leaked to Pulis was in fact the starting line-up that Crystal Palace played against Cardiff.

The 5-page letter sent by Cardiff City’s lawyers to the Premier League alleges that Tony Pulis knew that Crystal Palace Sporting Director Iain Moody was trying to obtain the line-up before the game. Moody was the director of recruitment at Cardiff last year but was sacked by the club and replaced by a friend of the owner’s son.

Cardiff says they have proof that Moody succeeded in getting the line-up, and that this breaches league rules.

If Crystal Palace are found guilty, the Premier League could give Crystal Palace a three-point deduction. But the league first has to assess whether there’s a case to answer.

The formal complaint that Cardiff sent to the Premier League hasn’t been published, but BBC Sport obtained a copy of the letter. Part of the formal complaint read:

“This was not merely an attempt to obtain confidential information – Crystal Palace succeeded in their efforts and achieved an unexpected 3-0 win over the club. We will never know the extent to which the confidential information affected the outcome of the match.”


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    1. Football and soccer are the same thing, except that soccer is a more specific term. Football can refer to at least 3 or 4 different sports, and you Brits coined the term "soccer" so kindly #### off.

      1. You Yanks couldn't play dirty things,...Oh sorry you obviously invented that as well. Silly me..!

  1. If Cardiff had won, there would've been no complaints.
    Right now, Crystal Palace are scaring the hell out of everyone, leaks or not.


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