NBC Sports Announces TV Coverage Plans for Premier League Season Finale

NBC Sports has announced its TV coverage plans for the final day of the 2013/14 Premier League season, which will occur on Sunday, May 11 when all twenty teams play in the same time window — 10am-Noon ET.

The 10 Premier League matches will be shown on the following NBC Universal networks:

Esquire Network

Plus Spanish-language broadcasts of the games will be shown live on:

Telemundo, and

Pre-game TV coverage of the Premier League will begin at 9am ET on CNBC, while a post-match wrap-up show will appear on NBC at Noon ET.

All matches will also be available on NBC Sports Live Extra.

Channel assignments for the matches will be determined in early May. The games scheduled for the final day are:

Liverpool vs Newcastle, 10am
Manchester City vs West Ham, 10am
Cardiff vs Chelsea, 10am
Fulham vs Crystal Palace, 10am
Hull vs Everton, 10am
Norwich vs Arsenal, 10am
Southampton vs Manchester United
Sunderland vs Swansea
Spurs vs Aston Villa
West Brom vs Stoke

11 thoughts on “NBC Sports Announces TV Coverage Plans for Premier League Season Finale”

  1. NBC will get the game that’s most relevant to the title chase if it’s not settled by then (example: Liverpool/Newcastle if Liverpool is leading but needs a draw to clinch)- if the title is already decided, then they’ll probably get the game that’s most relevant to a Champions League place.

    NBCSN will probably get the 2nd most important game (example: Chelsea/Cardiff if Chelsea can win the title with a win and a Liverpool loss).

    CNBC, USA, and MSNBC will get the next tier of important games- those involving relegation and or Champions league spots (example: Norwich/Arsenal could be important for both teams- Norwich could be fighting to stay up, and Arsenal could be fighting for a Champions League spot).

    Bravo/E!/Oxygen/Syfy/Esquire will get the matches that won’t have anything at stake for either team.

    1. Yup, but at least they’ll be showing all the games on channels that the majority of people who have cable/sat get with a basic package. No having to go online to watch a particular game. This is how NBC should be doing for every EPL game they show on the weekends.

      1. from your perspective yes but not from that of a business model. they are trying to get the most eyeballs to a single event so they can push up advertising numbers. At least they are all available live every week to someone who orders the right package.

        1. Well, I have the sports package from Comcast and pay extra for it and I on anything extra that NBC offers regarding EPL. So when you state “someone who orders the right package”, What would the “right package be?” and what does that include. Comcast in my area doesn’t carry Extra Time. Ironically, Comcast owns NBC.

          1. “Right package” would be a provider that offers Extra Time or more likely Live Extra (depending what you want).

            It’s strange that Comcast being an owner of NBC doesn’t offer ET, but it’s up to the cable/satellite provider to offer it

    1. Like them or not they are the biggest end supported team in the EPL both in the UK and around the world and generally they will get you higher ratings. No I am not a Manchester United fan.

  2. Hopefully none of the Title/Champions Lge/Relegation issues are resolved by then and it will be a fantastic Sunday! I’ll have to get new batteries for my remote

  3. Good job NBC to put the main game and post game show on their main NBC nationwide network. Lets hope NBC continues with this great coverage and takes over the Champions League coverage next.

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