Mike Ashley, Not Alan Pardew is to Blame For The Woes at Newcastle United

In recent days, the fan movement in Newcastle against manager Alan Pardew has grown to a fever pitch. The obvious and galling lack of ambition of the club is down more to the ownership than any management situation.

The club is the biggest in England that hasn’t won anything in most of our lifetimes. While Mike Ashley’s financial acumen has stabilized the club, the lack of ambition demonstrated by the current ownership leaves the Magpies as an also-ran in English football. Finishing mid table each season may be the only reasonable Premier League expectation, but the continued failures in cup competitions against lower league sides and lack of emphasis on taking chances to win silverware is exasperating. While some Magpies supporters blame Pardew for this, the reality is that any other manager would be operating under a similar set of constraints. While it is fair to say that Pardew’s own public actions have placed undue pressure on the Newcastle manager, it is Ashley’s own unwillingness to run the club in a competitive manner that is the root cause of the problems.

Supporters of the club are becoming more frustrated and despondent. The sale of  Yohan Cabaye to PSG in January and the failure to even attempt to buy a replacement was the last straw for many Geordies who have grown up dreaming of glory but have instead seen the hopes of the Keegan and Robson years come crashing down.

Ashley must go if the Magpies are to achieve the heights supporters want. Either Newcastle attracts a big money owner willing to invest resources in the club now that Ashley has steadied the financial picture or the team slips towards the Championship once again, perhaps beginning with a relegation fight next season. Supporters surely will have a role in whatever happens next for the side. Pressure can be brought on Ashley to sell the club, but as many English clubs have demonstrated, financial prudence sometimes trumps new foreign ownership that promises to spend money but instead rips the soul out of a club. Supporters can turn anger currently angled at Pardew towards Ashley. It is important to note that Ashley inherited a messy club from former chairman Freddy Shepherd, and while he has stabilized the financial structure, he has also stripped Newcastle of any ambition.

In theory, Newcastle United should attract a big money takeover. The club remains arguably the largest in the Premier League to have not been taken over by a large scale foreign investor. However, the economic climate of the Northeast of England as well as the restrictions on big initial investment in the Financial Fair Play era may leave the club without any other option but to let Ashley navigate it forward. Thus time is running out for a change to be made at the top, and it is time for supporters to let their voice be heard.

8 thoughts on “Mike Ashley, Not Alan Pardew is to Blame For The Woes at Newcastle United”

  1. You are right Ashley is the main problem but as the banner said at the Stoke game supporters are sick of the lies and excuses that spew out of Pardews mouth. He is so up himself that he thinks he can abuse other managers and headbut players like a spoilt brat. His tactics are non existant and by the looks of it his man management skills are zilch. The leadership of the club have ripped the heart and sole out of it and I wish they would get lost

    1. Lots of complains to be made but we all know it’s going to fall on deaf ears. And as far as we don’t like the way things are going on with the club… fans can turn against each other. Just like the article said the mistake is with the lack of ambition. No manager can take us forward with the way the owner runs. Not even Mourinho… He’s a resource demanding manager so do Pellegrini. My point is… if a manager like them manages Newcastle United we will still be at the most 6th position. Managers need good players. A club like us with few key players injured will always lose. If people really wants to complain then they should complain before December not after all the clubs resources ran out. I think Pardew is really underrated. He did beat spurs, Chelsea, manu…drew against the best Liverpool side with 10 men and marginally lost against gunners when only the one and only playmaker or the brain of the club (Cabaye) was in the club. Lets give the poor man a change.Had we have the caliber of players like city who knows what can happen. Of course we lost against so many lower mid table clubs before december but thats what football is. City just drew against sunderland too.

  2. Blah blah championship LMAO, just because we aren’t making top 4 you complain support your club, good things happen to those who wait. We a so financially stable and you wasn’t complaining when we had that great season a couple of years ago, then after that we recruited players when we were struggling so you can’t start blaming owners, pardews tactics are appalling we have so many good players we should be in top 6 but pardew doesn’t use he’s players correctly, we will spend this summer mark my words and I reckon a great year is just around the corner if pardew doesn’t book he’s ideas up it won’t be with him simples

  3. You can have the wealthy foreign owner, who levers all the debt onto the club, gives you the instant buzz of buying expensive foriegn players, interferes with the playing side of things, changes the clubs traditions etc

    But there are only 3 domestic trophies to win, and an equal number of relegation places to slip into when it starts to go wrong.

    Sometimes it pays to be stable and enjoy what you’ve got, because at this point in time you could be a lot worse off.

  4. Mike Ashley runs this club as an investment & not as a hobby. As long as they are safe in the PL, he’s not going to change much, or invest much.

  5. Quote: “However, the economic climate of the Northeast of England………….” What? As opposed to the economic powerhouses of Liverpool, Wales or Hull. Of course we all know that all of the G.P.s, solicitors, barristers, CEOs, surgeons/consultants (the Freeman is one of the world’s top heart hospitals), pharmacists etc etc of Newcastle ALL live on council estates and drink too much.
    PLEASE don’t do the old ‘Woolnough’, “Everybody wants to live in Lahndahn……..” What? Like Arshavin, or the old French contingent at Chelsea? Maybe the ten 50 minute flights to Heathrow per day could soften ‘the blow’?
    N.U.F.C. used to be within the TOP FIVE money generating football clubs in the world! (Deloite). Now it’s at the lower end of the top 20. Ashley didn’t do ‘due diligence’ apparently, yet got the club for £120m! ‘FIVE MINUTES LATER’, he was trying to (OSTENSIBLY) sell it for £500m! I’m sorry, but the ‘debt clearance’ and ‘due diligence’ are just more ‘smoke and mirrors’, yet the only story that seems to be universally believed. And Ashley misses out on top managers because of (well, obviously his now risible reputation, but also) his inability to deal with anyone outside of his comfort zone – ‘working class or lower middle class, estuary ONLY please!’
    So NO! Ashley DID NOT bring previously un-seen business acumen to St James’s Park. He’s a market trader who was in the right place at the right time, and is now completely out of his depth. Surely the transfer policy, the last minute failed dealings each window, the continuous lies, a casino boss and friend as second in command, Dennis Wise, Joe Kinnear and Alan Pardew CONFIRM everything that I have said beyond reasonable doubt. Mr Shepherd may be a lot of things, and has been on the receiving end of some ‘mismanagement’ accusations since he left the club. However, a ‘financial incompetent’ he most definitely is not!
    And I’m not so sure that the club was ever REALLY up for sale. Anil Ambani wanted to buy it, and Abu Dhabi United Group Investment and Development Limited made enquiries as to the availability of the club prior to purchasing Manchester City. I think the club was only ostensibly marketed to appease the angry fan base.
    So yes. Although some of the facts are a little stereotypical and wide of the mark, it is true that in spite of Pardew’s shortcomings, the main problem is Ashley by quite a margin.

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