Gary Neville Says England is the Only Country in the World That Doesn’t Encourage Diving [VIDEO]

Sky Sports analyst Gary Neville appeared on television in the United Kingdom last night and criticized Matt Jarvis’s decision not to dive in the penalty area after the West Ham United midfielder was fouled by Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna. Jarvis stumbled but stayed on his feet, but by that point, the ball had already left the penalty area and the opportunity to score was gone. At the same time, the referee didn’t call for a penalty.

Jarvis’s sportsmanship and his lack of desire to dive in the box effectively cost West Ham United a penalty and probably a goal, which could have had a profound impact on the final result of the game.

But should Jarvis have dived in the box? According to Gary Neville, the answer is an emphatic yes. In the video below, you can hear Neville’s viewpoints and his claim that England is the only country in the world where a player who stayed on his feet instead of diving in the box would get a pat on the back and a “Well done lad.”

Agree or disagree? And should Jarvis have dived or not? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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