WATCH Roberto Martinez’s Emotional Speech at Hillsborough Memorial Service [VIDEO]

Everton manager Roberto Martinez gave an emotional speech today at the Hillsborough Memorial Service at Anfield, the home of cross-town rivals Liverpool Football Club.

“I know I don’t have to tell you that Everton are with you. You know that,” said Martinez. “We are with you today at Goodison Park with the fans are gathering with the board, players and staff because they want to send their prayers across Stanley Park to you. We will erect a permanent memorial at Goodison Park later this year.”

“Everton remembers. We always will.”

2 thoughts on “WATCH Roberto Martinez’s Emotional Speech at Hillsborough Memorial Service [VIDEO]”

  1. The two Merseyside clubs may be bitter rivals but they always show respect to the other. Most families in the city have both Everton and Liverpool supporters among them. That is why they are so civil towards one another even if they are on opposite sides in footballing terms.

    Many who died at Hillsborough were from families where some are Everton supporters and some are Liverpool supporters. That’s why that tragedy affected both sets of supporters.

    Everton could not have sent a better emissary than Roberto Martinez. The man is pure class and his speech was equal to the occasion.

  2. Total class. Roberto Martinez is a role model for managers. I’m Chelsea first and whatever team Mr. Martinez manages second.

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