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Perspective on Manchester City’s Loss to Liverpool

ynwa manchester city Perspective on Manchester Citys Loss to Liverpool

“We’re not really here” is a mantra Manchester City fans sing with pride. That’s why, despite the pain of a loss to Liverpool that might very well end our title hopes this season, we will continue to enjoy the soccer our club is providing and the indulgence in the club culture and ethos our ownership group provides.

Yesterday’s loss to Liverpool was certainly heart wrenching. It was the third successive trip to Anfield where we have felt aggrieved about an official’s call that may have decided the match. But while some newer City fans have spent many hours since full-time complaining about the officiating, many of us — while upset with the result and the possible end of our Premier League title chances — just savored the moment of being in such a big match.

It was not very long ago when the idea of our club being in a potential title-deciding clash at Anfield in mid-April was simply a fantasy reserved for playing Football Manager or FIFA. These occasions, the big occasions, still sometimes overawe our supporters.

Those of us who have supported Manchester City for a long period of time are on the journey as supporters of an English football club. We never imagined we would be where we are, sitting four places in the table ahead of Manchester United and having finished ahead of Liverpool four successive seasons. While we want to win titles and trophies, our club has always been about fanatical support and having fun on the way. The loss at Anfield was heart wrenching no doubt but it was also the type of English football match we enjoy — end to end action with constant goal scoring opportunities and plot twists.

Each and every time we are in a big match, on a special occasion with a special atmosphere, the club culture and lore grow a little more. The results, while important, don’t always matter as we build our legacy. For us “being here” simply means more than most supporters of big clubs can imagine.

Being a supporter of this club has never been better or more relevant. Those who support our great rivals might mock the “lack of ambition” us Blues supporters have but we are just enjoying the ride.

Kartik Krishnaiyer, who has supported Manchester City for thirty years, is the author of the new book Blue With Envy about his experiences as a Manchester City fan in the United States. The book is available here.

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About Kartik Krishnaiyer

A lifelong lover of soccer, the beautiful game, he served from January 2010 until May 2013 as the Director of Communications and Public Relations for the North American Soccer League (NASL). Raised on the Fort Lauderdale Strikers of the old NASL, Krishnaiyer previously hosted the American Soccer Show on the Champions Soccer Radio Network, the Major League Soccer Talk podcast and the EPL Talk Podcast. His soccer writing has been featured by several media outlets including The Guardian and The Telegraph. He is the author of the book Blue With Envy about Manchester City FC.
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8 Responses to Perspective on Manchester City’s Loss to Liverpool

  1. yespage says:

    End of your title chances? Presuming Man City wins their two games in hand, they are one point behind Liverpool. That doesn’t seem to be that far below the top of the table.

    Liverpool, to definitely win, have to finish the season with 14 straight wins, and now without Jordan Henderson.

  2. Tony Butterworth says:

    Man I wish I had a site that would post my pointless (literally) ramblings.

  3. Grayson says:

    There’s always one blog from a City supporter that writes this same column every time MCFC have lost in the past few years. Yeah, perspective is nice, but as a City fan, I say it’s ok to be gutted that your team hasn’t won the big match, to rue the big chance that was lost, to hold your club to its new standards that the club’s hierarchy has itself set (5 trophies in 5 years). Yeah it’s better than now than when we were counting to 40 points every season, but now we have the arguably best squad in the league, and it’s disappointing to not achieve this squad’s potential.

  4. Martin J. says:

    Yesterday’s game had everything you’d want in a big game. Terrific football played by both teams. A few questionable calls by the referee that can always be used by the losing side to vent their anger at; that’s part of the narrative.

    Fair play to Pelligrini who didn’t blame his side’s loss on the officials and none of the City players complained after the game either about any of the decisions that didn’t go their way.

  5. matt says:

    More than the calls that didn’t go City’s way, the continued selection of Navas over Milner seems to be Pelligrini’s short coming since his arrival, really effected the outcome.

    • Ryan M. says:

      I ALWAYS wonder why Milner doesn’t start. I was very worried when he came on and the momentum of the game shifted dramatically when he was playing.

  6. christian says:

    Like the Invisible Man, we’re not really here.

    Each step up the mountain we get better.

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