Premier League & FA Cup Semi-Final Saturday: Open Thread

As a mark of respect and remembrance for the 96 Liverpool fans who died as a result of the Hillsborough Disaster 25 years ago, all English football matches this weekend will kick off 7 minutes after the hour (the Liverpool-Nottingham Forest game was stopped at 3:06pm).

Here is today’s TV/Internet schedule for matches being shown in the US:

Fulham vs Norwich, 10:07am, NBCSN
Crystal Palace vs Aston Villa, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs Tottenham, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time
Southampton vs Cardiff, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time
Stoke vs Newcastle, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time
Sunderland vs Everton, 10:07am, Premier League Extra Time
Arsenal vs Wigan Athletic (FA Cup), 12:07pm, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Soccer 2Go

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

54 thoughts on “Premier League & FA Cup Semi-Final Saturday: Open Thread”

  1. NBCSN did an extremely classy open to PL Live this morning around the anniversary of the Hillaborough Disaster.

    It started with live shots of the various grounds hosting 10:07am KOs and Rebecca providing a overview of the disaster before showing a clip of Roberto Martinez discussing the delayed KOs being a tribute to what happened that awful day. Then in the studio, the two Robbie’s discussed them being young players (at the time) and how they reacted to the news when they heard it. They then went to an ad-break without any fanfare before doing their normal intro/opening titles after that break.

    Sorry for the lengthy description but thought I would point it out for two reasons:
    A) Because it was extremely well done and catered to long-time EPL followers who have a detailed knowledge of that horrible day and a casual audience who might not know much about the incident.
    B) Just as a contrast considering the discussion around FOX’s handling of soccer coverage

    1. Good call Jeff. I missed the Premier League Live show this morning, but I went back and watched it after I saw your comment. First class work by NBCSN. A touch of class.

  2. Spurs losing 3-0. This is what happens when the players know the manager won’t be back next season so they have very little to play for.

  3. Interesting to watch out. Is it spurs or united that w’ll clinch the last position in the europa league 6th place. Fancy united at this moment.

  4. I don’t understand as to why NBCSN would show the Fulham-Norwich game over the WBA-Tottham game. Why isn’t NBC showing two games? NBC has multiple channels to show games that are played at the same time. What decision making process did NBC use to choose showing the Fuhlam game on TV and not one (or more) of the other games?

    I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, just not a fan of networks limiting games on TV and porting the majority of games online. Who the heck would want to watch a game on a 15″ screen when one could watch it on a large wide screen. Crazy.

    I have not been, am not now nor will not be in the future a fan of the online/streaming as the only option of watching a game.

    1. Check with your TV provide TimeWarner has all the games that are not on NBCSports. I Think its called ExtraTime all the games where shown you have to pick the one you want to watch

    2. All the matches are available live on regular TV as part of Extra Time. If your carrier doesn’t provide it to you that’s down to them, not NBC.

      1. Maybe. Comcast owns NBC. In my area Comcast does not carry Extra Time. In fact, comcast on Demand doesn’t carry the replay of the games in SD, only HD. I can’t afford to get the HD package.

        I shouldn’t have to pay extra for Extra Time as I pay for sports package. In fact comcast doesn’t even carry FS2 in my area so I miss out on FA cup, Europa League games and many of the CL games.

        I’ve e-mailed Comcast continuously with my complaint. None of cable and satellite stuff will change until Congress requires providers to allow consumers to “design their own channel” package.

        1. Extra Time doesn’t cost anything. Again, my point in response to your original post is that your gripe is with Comcast, not NBC.

          NBC has done everything it possibly can to bring us live TV coverage of every single match. It is only certain providers who have thwarted that effort. My hat’s off to Time Warner. Wonders never cease! :-)

  5. Poor West Brom they thought they had it won but finished 3-3. Where this those 6 minutes of added time come from? So United have a chance of finishing above Spurs for 6th.

  6. Why is the Fa Cup game on Fox Sports 2 ? There’s not one person that I know that has FS2. No one has the channel at all. It’s a farce from Fox. Put the game on Free to air Tv instead of the stupid paid programming.

    1. Such a kick in the nuts from FOX.

      Sticking the other Semi on FS1 (a channel one or two people actually get) makes it even worse.

    2. Fox Soccer plus
      Table tennis/Rugby
      Fox sports 1

      I can get Fox sports 2 but only in Standard Def I Can get the game on Fox Depores in HD but don’t speak Spanish

      I think they want to make people call there providers to make them carry FS2

    3. You would have thought a game between Arsenal and last year’s FA Cup winners Wigan would be ideal to air on main FOX in preparation for their likely airing of the final?

      1. If Arsenal wins the FA Cup but finishes in fifth place, that means that the 7th place team in the Premier League will qualify for the Europa League, so you could conceivably have Arsenal, Spurs and Manchester United in the Europa League next season with Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City and Everton qualifying for the UEFA Champions League. Of course, everything is subject to change.

        1. If that happens, the Europa League will have a whole lot more attention paid to it with ‘big’ teams like Arsenal & Man Utd involved

        2. If Arsenal finish 5th, it might also mean that the runner up in the FA cup would qualify for the Europa League,

      2. Indeed, it seems to look that way right now, but as this season has shown… anything is possible.

        Maybe I’m undervaluing the importance of the Europa League, but (should Arsenal finish fifth) wouldn’t it almost make more sense to play the bench and developing players on Thursday nights and let the first team focus on PL play and insuring the spot back in the CL. I assure you this isn’t intended as condescending, but rather as a genuine ignorance of the affordances and constraints of the Europa League. Someone in the know, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

        1. The Europa League schedule is a negative grind, but I think starting next year the Europa Champ earns a spot in the following year’s CL. That will certainly perk up interest, particularly for the surviving teams toward the end.

      3. Ward, no way Everton comes out with out dropping points to City, United and Southampton. The 4th spot is in Arsenal’s favor to win the games in hand.

  7. For clarification the 3rd Europa League place WILL NOT go to the 7th place PL finisher. The 3rd Europa spot will go to Sheffield Utd or Hull, whoever wins tomorrow. If the FA Cup winner has already qualified for Europe, than the runner-up gets the Europa spot. Doesn’t work that way for the League Cup runner-up, but it does for FA Cup.

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