Former Valencia President Arrested After Plotting to Kidnap His Successor

Ex-Valencia President Juan Soler has been arrested in connection with a plot to kidnap the club’s former chief Vicente Soriano. Soler, who was the club president at the club from 2004 to 2008, was released on bail after facing magistrates on suspicion of intending to abduct his successor.

Under the bail terms, the 58-year old construction magnate, who pushed for the Nou Mestalla stadium (currently on-halt project due to lack of funds) and left a lot of debt to the club, is now forbidden to leave the country and is compelled to attend court every two weeks.

Soler has also been given a restraining order that states he must be at least 15 metres away from Soriano. The two men have faced problems since 2009, when then Valencia President Soriano acquired shares of Soler’s in the Costa Blanca club.

Soler took Soriano to court later, claiming he still owed money from Soriano, and investigations believe the alleged plot was a ploy to recoup those funds. Soler is alleged to have hired hitmen to make the kidnapping, but Valencia police uncovered the plan and Soriano was advised not to leave his house.

Another person was also questioned in the case, yet his identity is not being revealed.

Valencia, when contacted by the press, refused to comment, but released this statement:

“This is nothing to do with the club itself. We have nothing to say on the matter.”

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