Sir Alex Ferguson is to Blame for Manchester United’s Poor Season

Despite scoring first against Bayern Munich both home and away, Manchester United were totally outclassed over the two legs, and the gulf between both sides was plain to see, where the best Manchester United could do was to block their penalty area with eight players in hopes of stifling Bayern.

After losing 4-2 on aggregate to Manchester United, and exiting the UEFA Champions League, the season for the Red Devils is effectively over.

Manchester United has been absolutely wretched this season and the blame for that lies solely at the feet of Sir Alex Ferguson. Yes, I said it, Sir Alex is the reason the United faithful (myself included) have all been up in arms or down in the dumps since last August. And it’s not poor old David Moyes’ fault as we would all like to believe.

Realistically, David Moyes is not in the same managerial class as Manuel Pellegrini, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger or Brendan Rodger. That fact coupled with the broken down squad he inherited from Ferguson was always going to make this season a torrid one. His detractors have argued that this is the same squad that won the title last season and, as such, Moyes must be the problem. No, that’s not the case.

The fact that United won the title last season was more down to the dismal showing of the other top teams and Ferguson’s cult of personality, not only at Old Trafford but on the Premier League. The Liverpool game at Old Trafford is a glaring example of how things have changed. Anyone familiar with English football knows full well that teams playing at Old Trafford are almost never awarded penalties. Yet Liverpool were awarded three in a single game. That would have been inconceivable had Ferguson been sitting on the United bench. Moyes cannot be blamed for not being Ferguson.

For the last four seasons, this United squad have been in dire need of an injection of quality players, especially in the middle of the park where it really matters. The midfield threat that once made United an offensive juggernaut has been long missing, and Wayne Rooney frequently finds himself frustrated and alone up front. His number of league goals this season is an indication of the lack of service he receives. It is also an indication that opposing teams are now fully aware that United’s attacking threat is encompassed in Rooney. Shut him down and you shut down the United offense. As a result, he has been receiving a great deal more attention than would normally have been the case.

David Moyes faces an uphill task in so far as quality players are concerned. Liverpool’s strike partnership of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge, have scored more goals than entire Premier League teams.

United’s lack of world-class players cannot be laid at David Moyes’ feet. It is Ferguson who, with the exception of Shinji Kagawa and Robin van Persie, refrained from bringing in quality players during the past three seasons. And those chickens have now come home to roost. The current squad has only four world-class players in it — Rooney, Van Persie, Juan Mata and goalkeeper David De Gea. Compare this with the other top teams in the league and it becomes clear that United is not a top team and their current seventh place in the league is about par for the quality (or lack thereof) of this team.

This brings us to the philosophy of the team. Before this season, there was always one thing you could count on from a Manchester United team. They were going to play hard to the final whistle, and that was evident in the number of goals they scored very late in games. With those teams, there was an air of belief that they were never beaten and that philosophy took them to many famous victories. This belief is now clearly missing. But also missing is Ferguson and the numerous outstanding players that inspired those wins.

The current squad is simply not capable of living up to that United philosophy.  David Moyes, through no fault of his own, is not capable of driving that philosophy through sheer force of will in the same manner that Ferguso was able to. Moyes will have to craft his own philosophy for the team and that must start with a purging of the current squad come the end of the season. If there is no improvement next season, then Moyes can be kicked to the curb. Until then we will lie the blame for this season’s fiasco squarely at the feet of Sir Alex Ferguson.

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  1. It’s Brendan Rodgers, not Rodger.

    There’s enough blame to go around. SAF left an average squad. They didn’t buy anyone in the summer. Moyes is still learning to manage a top club. There’s no quick fix. It will take time.

  2. Sir Alex isn’t to blame–it is all Moyes fault. Rooney was hurt and missed so many opportunities. A good manager would have pulled him off in the 2nd half. His substitutions come too late and are usually awful. We need manager with creativity, courage and passion–that would definitely not be Moyes.

  3. I’m sorry but what a load of Bow & Locks… Seriously.. Its not “poor David Moyes fault its Alex Fergusons”. Have you ever heard such nonsense?? So are you telling me that if Pep Guardiola or Mourinho took over a squad that was the CHAMPIONS that theyd be in this position now??? That West Brom would have their first win in Old Trafford since 1978? That Everton would have their first win in Old Trafford since 1992? That Newcastle would have their first win at OT since 1972? That Utd would suffer their first EVER home defeat to Swansea? That theyd suffer 3 defeats in a row for the first time since 2001? That theyd have their first league loss to Stoke since 1984? That Liverpool & Citeh would both beat them 3 nil in OT & beaten home & away by both for the first time in one season?? That Utd would suffer 10 defeats in a PL season for the first time ever? That theyd have their most home defeats in a season for over 12years? That theyd only win 1 game in 13 v the top 9? That theyd suffer their first ever defeat to Greek opposition? They theyd get their lowest ever PL points tally and that theyd do all this in ONE fupping season???? No chance. If Pep or Mourinho took over then you can be sure that theyd be in the top four and you wouldnt be hearing these “it was a poor league last season” excuses. I mean what does Moyes have to do to get blamed here?? Knock down Old Trafford? You think this is Alex Fergusons fault??? Get real. Yeah he picked Moyes and definitely got that bit wrong but Moyes did all the rest himself. He has massively under achieved??? He messed up his signings, he is tactically all over the place, he says all the wrong things and is clearly way way out of his depth. If Moyes had won the league or done very well then he would -rightly- get the credit so you cant conveniently blame Ferguson when Moyes messes everything up so badly. Im not a Utd fan and didnt like Fergie but he isnt to blame for this. Its nonsense blaming him. He left behind the champions. Moyes is too blame. He doesnt deserve the blame because he isnt Fergie, He deserves the blame because he has done a bad job.

  4. “United were totally outclassed”?
    We were totally outclassed yet we end the tie with a a feeling of pride and hope. Rooney missed 2 SITTERS today and Welbeck last week. In fact Rooneys second chance was right before they scored. If he scores then it’s 1-2 Us and 3-2 on aggregate with the away goals rule so Bayern would have to score 2.
    I don’t get what you mean outclassed mate. Because they had 65% of the possession today we were outclassed? The killer 3rd goal was on a counter attack after we were pushing forward to get that goal that sounds like 8 men behind the ball to you? Since your such a genius how did you want him to play Total football and get smashed so you could then write an article about how naive he was to attack so much?
    They are a better team but on the night we matched them and the difference between the 2 sides was finishing. The side that finished their chances deservedly won but no way were they 2 goals better than us on aggregate. I guess you’re one of those If you don’t “Have a go and lose guns a blazing” then your team sucks. Is defending not apart of Football? Ask Barcelona how having 65-80% possession worked out for them against Bayern last year.
    If United played all out attack and got hammered 7-1 would that have made you happy?
    Individual errors cost the team and the 2 main culprits were Evra and Rooney. Don’t go say we were outclassed because anyone who watchws football would say that based on the football on show the tie was closer to 3-2 on Aggregate than 4-2 on aggregate.
    Guess what happened when United didn’t give a fuck about defending against Peps last team they lost 3-1 and 2-0. Noone cares if Chelsea parked the bus because History only remembers the winner and that’s how it should be. Moyes did better in 2 games against Pep than Fergie did in his last 2 and with a much weaker team. I’m no fan of Moyes either and don’t think he’s the man for the job but the good thing is that he’s brought all the Glory Hunters out of the fan base with their Man U BS.
    I’ll give him credit because we played pretty damn well against the Champions of Europe and had RVP been fit he buries the sitter Rooney had.
    And to the United fans who are out there saying we played like Everton ans were garbage and gave the ball away would the aforementioned 7-1 Gung Ho mauling the United Way have made you happy? They beat up City and Arsenal and we held serve with them for 150 minutes and were in the tie after the first leg where we were supposed to get hammered.

  5. To blame Fergie for Moyes being horrendous this season is mental. For choosing him I could understand but that doesn’t make sense. Who are you Gus Johnson?

    1. Some clever Liverpool fan had a great homemade banner recently,

      Brendan Rodgers – The Carefully Chosen One.

      Says it all really. Moyes has the same almost point and goal tally with United that he had at Everton last year. He took over a team that had run away with the Premier League last season and spent big on Fellani (who oh why) and Mata and has managed to drop United through a trap door. Meanwhile Martinez his replacement, who took over his old team at Everton has them playing attractive attacking football and knocking on the door of Champions League qualification. If your argument really is that he its not fair to judge Moyes because had Ferguson still been in charge of teams wouldn’t be getting penalties might have merit but only if we agree that Ferguson was a corrupting influence something this blogger has long held.

      Frankly I was surprised to hear Wynalda say something today toward the end of the game, along the lines that Fergie had it right, when he told the fans that it was their job now to support the new manager. Why? Because he, Fergie, picked him? The fans support the club. Not the manager. The manager is a servant of the club and in a results orientated business, if he can’t get them, he should be toast. The idea that Moyes deserves time to get it right, to turn the corner to put his own team in there etc. etc. is arrant nonsense. The poor man is way out of his depth and it is plain for all to see. He’s simply not a big club manager. But what do I know.

      Here’s a recent brilliant article in Slate about Moyes by an Irish sports writer that says it all.

        1. You’re welcome, best I’ve read so far. Loved this quote regarding training …“If I am working with a concert pianist why would I make him run around the piano until he drops? Will it make him a better pianist?”

  6. The blame for this season belongs to multiple people within the club from the top down.

    The owners for not spending the money to strengthen the squad properly over the last 5-6 seasons.

    SAF for refusing to strengthen the midfield since Roy keane left the club.

    The owners/SAF for appointing a manager who is unproven at the highest level when there was clearly better candidates available.

    The owners/CEO for giving David Moyes the freedom to dismantle the entire back room staff without having proven himself first.

    David Moyes/CEO for the shambolic transfer window last summer.

    David Moyes for his Stone Age tactics and his refusal to adapt during games or even acknowledge that he got things wrong.

    The players for putting numerous gutless performances during the season.

  7. And because United have portrayed themselves as a club that doesn’t sack managers it means 5 more years…..yipppeeeeeeee

  8. SAF tried to sign anyone from Sneijder to Alcantara with no luck. So you can’t blame SAF. As for DM, he failed in the summer transfer and at least got Mata in Jan. He has gotten his tactics wrong in some games but he’s new, he can’t do the same next year. So I say, if he signs Kroos or Koke, a new LB, and manages the players better, United will regain form. But to blame SAF is just infantile. It’s like blaming your parents for getting a D in geometry.

  9. “The fact that United won the title last season was more down to the dismal showing of the other top teams”.

    That doesn’t make any sense. It can also be argued that the only reason Liverpool are top of the league right now is more down to the dismal showing of Man United. To win something, you have to be better than your opponents. Liverpool are better than United right now just like United was better than them last season.

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