ESPN Launches New World Cup TV Commercial Starring USMNT and American Outlaws [VIDEO]

Finally! ESPN has released a video for its coverage of World Cup 2014 that better captures the passion of the World Cup — and, in this case, the US Men’s National Team and the American Outlaws supporter groups from around the country.

The connection between the USMNT and American Outlaws is a close one. There’s no doubt that the chapters of American Outlaws across the United States has made a positive impact on the players and team, especially in their run to qualifying for World Cup 2014. Thanks to ESPN, they’re featured in the video below.

Titled “I Believe,” the 60-second ad captures the passion and enthusiasm among members of the American Outlaws as they chant “I Believe” – an anthem that captures the feeling among U.S. team’s fans, who, despite being drawn into the “Group of Death” (vs. Ghana, Portugal and Germany), remain relentless in their support of the national team.

The ad also introduces the “Every Four Years” tagline, which will appear throughout the rest of the campaign.

To date, ESPN have released two World Cup videos — one was a comedy short featuring Ian Darke, and the other captured the mood of Brazil.

5 thoughts on “ESPN Launches New World Cup TV Commercial Starring USMNT and American Outlaws [VIDEO]”

    1. I’m really going to miss ESPN’s coverage when this world cup is over. They’ve come a long way in the last decade.

  1. Anybody know why tickets for the USA/Turkey game at Red Bull arena haven’t gone on sale yet…The other two warmup matches have been on sale to the general public for weeks.

  2. It is disappointing as to how unorganized and elitist some of the AO Chapters are. Instead of attracting people to join and support as one unit they often turn good people away with their snobbish attitude. Why pay $25-30 to feel like an outsider to a group of friends that started their own AO Chapter?

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