WATCH Chelsea vs Paris Saint-Germain and Dortmund vs Real Madrid Match Highlights [VIDEO]

In the second legs of the UEFA Champions League matches between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain & Borussia Dortmund versus Real Madrid, two of the teams had a convincing aggregate lead with PSG ahead 3-1 from the first match, and Real Madrid in the lead with a 3-0 win in Spain. But would both teams advance to the semi-finals of Europe’s top club competition?

If you missed the game or you want to watch the highlights again, watch the videos below. Note that due to rights restrictions, the videos are only playable in the United States.

Chelsea vs Paris Saint-Germain

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid


4 thoughts on “WATCH Chelsea vs Paris Saint-Germain and Dortmund vs Real Madrid Match Highlights [VIDEO]”

  1. I don't think I've ever been able to watch any highlights posted on this site. The video is always taken down or there is some other complication.

    1. The videos posted above are legal highlights. As long as you live in the US, they'll work.

      If you see other video highlights that don't work, please let us know in the comments so we can look into it and fix the issue. Thanks Justin.

      1. I live in the U.S. - this is what I get when clicking "play":

        1. That's bizarre. Your IP address appears to be in Michigan, so it should work. I'm not sure why it's not working, sorry. It works for me.

          Has anyone else encountered the same issue? (The video is hosted by FOX Sports, by the way, not World Soccer Talk).


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