ESPN to Broadcast Its First Live Cricket Match On US Cable Today

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For the first time in its broadcast history, ESPN will televise a live cricket match and will broadcast it one of its cable networks. The cricket match will be on US television today (Sunday, April 6) on ESPN2 beginning at 9am ET, featuring the finals of the World Twenty20 between Sri Lanka and India.

For fans of international sports, it’s just a shame that the cricket match is being shown at the same time as the much anticipated Everton-Arsenal game in the Premier League, but there’s always the option of recording one of the games on DVR and watching the other one live.

ESPN are testing the waters today to see if there is demand for cricket on US television, a sport that can be traced back to the Tudor times in England in the 1500’s.

According to Reuters, “After learning that the 10 most highly viewed Internet streams on its Internet-only network ESPN3, were of cricket matches, regularly beating out college football and basketball, executives considered putting it on TV. On March 30, 100,000 viewers tuned into the ESPN3 stream of an India-Australia match at one time, which is more than an average audience, the network said.

Watch Sri Lanka against India from 9am-Noon ET, live on ESPN2 today.

9 thoughts on “ESPN to Broadcast Its First Live Cricket Match On US Cable Today”

  1. Yes! About time. And they have proper cricket commentators (no Americans yet).

    This should be a good match. The team whose spinners do best will win. And Sri Lanka need to tame India’s batsman Kohli who has been terrific in the tournament.

  2. ESPN (US) will have a new documentary series on Tuesdays at 8pm starting April 15 to build up to the World Cup:

    30 for 30: Soccer Stories

    April 15: Hillsborough – Directed by Daniel Gordon, who directed the BBC4/ESPN documentary The Race that Shocked the World (BBC4) / 9.79* (ESPN 30 for 30)

    1. I watched for a bit between the Everton match and still had no clue what was going on. I think this is probably the hardest sport for American’s to learn and would probably need an FOX or NBC treatment to tell us dumb Americans how this sport works lol.

  3. The twenty20 world championship game in 2012 between west indies and sri lanka was
    indeed a delayed broadcast on espn2. They did a horrible job with it, there were sections of the match edited out included instances of the loss of wickets.

    Today was awesome. It was a great match and it was broadcast live and in it’s entirety despite the fact that rain delayed the start of the match.

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