Newcastle Fans ‘Celebrate’ Miserable Season With Open-Top Bus Parade [PHOTO]

Newcastle United supporters celebrated their miserable season today with an open-top bus parade outside St James’ Park.

The tongue-in-cheek celebration is a message to Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley that they’re sick and tired with the club striving for mediocrity. The club owner, manager and players lack ambition, and it seems that the club is only interested in Premier League survival instead of having a run in cup competitions or charging up the league table.

The club supporters want to bring attention to the plight at Newcastle United, namely:

• The continued feeling of alienation and exploitation fans feel from the club they love and support

• Asset stripping; the latest proposed land sale at the Gallowgate End appearing to permanently end any chance of future ground expansion

• Lack of ambition, direction and investment. Cashing in on our best players, whilst being bottom of the league in team investment over the last 5 years.

• The free advertising enjoyed by Mr Ashley’s companies inside St James’s Park, which the club have now admitted is seen as an offset to Mr Ashley not charging interest on his non decreasing interest free loan!

• The continued contraction of NUFC Commercial Revenues making the club appear hamstrung at a time when  Financial Fair Play rules show that revenues will be crucial for growth under the new regulations

• The financial ‘blackhole’ created by MASH Holdings and the questions which arise as to whether fans’ money goes towards the benefit of the football club.

• The continued diminishing of the Newcastle United brand and identity.

• The association of the club with morally dubious sponsors

Newcastle United supporters are urging that “NUFC needs new direction, new leadership and accountability.”

Meanwhile, Newcastle United summed up the apathy and lack of ambition at the club today with a 4-0 home loss against Manchester United.

H/T FB Away Days.

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