Jose Mourinho Makes Tremendous Gesture By Writing Letter to Family of Shawn Kuykendall

Kudos to Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho for writing this letter to the family of Shawn Kuykendall, whose son — a former MLS and American University midfielder — passed away last month due to Thuymus Cancer.

Kuykendall’s story has captivated the American soccer community and I must say it speaks volumes about Mourinho that he would send such a touching letter to the family. By the way Shawn’s dad Kurt Kuykendall was a NASL player and also went to American University.

9 thoughts on “Jose Mourinho Makes Tremendous Gesture By Writing Letter to Family of Shawn Kuykendall”

  1. I’m sure this kind of letter (typed by the way), happens all the time, I’m unclear why this one is worth pointing out.

    1. Because this is a very touching moment by a great football manage. Sometimes, make life a little easier by thinking less.

      1. It is a nice gesture by Chelsea FC. I think what he’s getting at is Mourinho just signed his name on someone else’s typed letter. This is common practice.

  2. The first-level cynic thinks it is not a coincidence that this leaks out or whatever (how did this get in the press?) a few days after Mourinho threatens a young boy.

    The second-level cynic thinks WST is trolling its readers by lavishing praise on a, let’s say, divisive figure. (By the way, it’s “thymus.”)

    The third-level cynic wonders if there is a relationship between thoughts one and two.

    I guess I’m a little cynical, don’t like Mourinho, and find this article odd.

  3. The letter was sent, fullstop.
    It’s very easy to criticize what you don’t want to acknowledge.
    Learn to just say thankyou sometimes.

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