ESPN Names Four Additional Analysts for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: Nightly Soccer Report

ESPN have added four analysts to its coverage of World Cup 2014 with the inclusion of Stewart Robson, Efan Ekoku, Alejandro Moreno and Kasey Keller.

The analysts will join the five World Cup analysts ESPN named in December, who are Steve McManaman, Michael Ballack, Alexi Lalas, Taylor Twellman and Santiago Solari.

The latest four pundits who have joined ESPN’s official World Cup 2014 team will be familiar to US audiences. Ekoku and Robson are often featured as co-commentators on Premier League matches televised by NBC, while Keller and Moreno have been featured prominently on ESPN’s coverage of the USMNT.

Don’t be surprised if ESPN makes a future announcement regarding another analyst being added to the World Cup 2014 team!

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18 thoughts on “ESPN Names Four Additional Analysts for 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil: Nightly Soccer Report”

      1. My two cents… they were entertaining in the beginning, now their shtick is old. So little of their podcast is actually about soccer. Instead it’s the same old jokes and very little informative or intelligent soccer content.

        They have their fans, but I wonder how much of their show is authentic. They seem to kiss ass to everyone. And I also question their soccer knowledge outside of the top 5.

        They seem like nice guys, but I’m not a fan of the podcast anymore.

        1. You may have a point. I guess I haven’t listened to the podcast enough to get tired of the schtick. I loved Roger Bennett for the USA-Mexico game in Columbus though.

        2. You nailed it Chris! The Gus Johnson interview ie ass kissing was the worst.. Lost all credibility after that.. Just looking to promote their brand and get on The FIFA games.. Why??? I’m still shaking my head. Their was a good piece from the Guardian on these guys asking what the hell they were doing in FIFA


        3. i think you might be a bit outside their demo Gaffer! for young american EPL fans, MIB pod is a weekly highlite

        1. I decided to give their pod another try this week. But the first 5 minutes were spent talking about golf, so I turned it off.

  1. Even tho he’s got the Rangers job to deal with, I would have loved to seen them bring back Ally McCoist, love his analysis and overview, plus i think scottish voices just sound damn good as commentary. (And dare I say) that i would have liked to see ESPN gamble on Andy Gray, i think he did a great job on the EURO 2008 Broadcasts here, and since most casual american soccer fans aren’t aware of his reputation (scandals) in the UK, i don’t see it would a bad move to bring him in.

    1. Andy Gray would be brilliant.. Still mixes it up well for the REAL BeIn Sports in the Mideast. I think he is getting paid way too much to moonlight for ESPN


    1. On the other hand “where my grandmother hangs her clothes”, and “where the spiders lay their eggs”, is/are brilliant.

      Casey…not so much.

  2. I’m not as worried about the studio analysts as one can get all the pre-match and post-match analysis via the internet if ESPN’s analysts are not up to par.

    I’m more concerned with who the match commentators are actually going to be.

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