Barcelona to Appeal FIFA’s Decision to Ban Club For Next Two Transfer Windows

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FIFA hit FC Barcelona with a ban that forbids Barcelona from participating in the next two transfer windows, after an investigation alleged the club breached regulations relating to the registration and acquisition of foreign players less than 18 years of age. If the ban stands, it means Barcelona cannot make any new transfer signings until the summer of 2015.

Not surprisingly, FC Barcelona made an announcement that they will appeal the two-transfer window ban imposed by FIFA, and distanced itself from a number of issues raised by football’s governing body. Barca gave a lengthy statement defending its conduct and outlined its determination to fight FIFA and, if necessary, take the case to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Barcelona has also requested that they would like to register players while the appeal is on-going.

Barca’s defense centers on its insistence that the club are helping youngsters develop, both on a personal basis and as footballers, and that no civil law has been breached as the minors remain legal residents within the country.

The La Liga holders argued that they “Put people way before sportsmen which has not been considered by FIFA and applies to their penalty criteria of ignoring educational functioning in our training programme.”

They further added, “Some of the players affected by the filing of FIFA have been summoned by the Catalan football federation to participate in regional championships.”

Barcelona even said that they have requested FIFA to change the rules on the protection of minor footballers on numerous events and their La Masia training center has always been given good and fair reviews by the governing body of soccer.

10 thoughts on “Barcelona to Appeal FIFA’s Decision to Ban Club For Next Two Transfer Windows”

  1. Basically the point of this appeal is so that they can bring in a goalkeeper and center back before the ban takes effect.

    1. Exactly – the only questions is if the ban will be upheld during the appeals process.

      Either way, I think that we are far from hearing the end of this fiasco.

  2. So their appeal doesn’t actually refute the charge of improperly recruiting non-eu minors. Barca just hopes the fact they didn’t mistreat them after they arrived is enough to get them off…

  3. This whole thing is a joke. There’s no way this will stand up. They’ll get off scot free while the little clubs get heavy handed bans for much less.

  4. The have’s get and the don’ts wish. It will quietly be reduced to a wrist slap some time in the future. Remember Chelsea’s ban?
    Same same.

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