WATCH Wayne Rooney’s Dive That Got Bastian Schweinsteiger Sent Off in Champions League [VIDEO]

In the first leg of Wednesday’s UEFA Champions League quarter-final between Manchester United and Bayern Munich, Wayne Rooney got Bastian Schweinsteiger sent off at Old Trafford after he dived to accentuate the late tackle by the German midfielder.

The incident happened in the final few minutes of the game. Rooney dribbled to turn past Schweinsteiger. The German midfielder tried to stop Rooney from sprinting away, but Rooney — without being touched at all — dived over the on-rushing Schweinsteiger, feigned contact and then landed on the ground, putting his hands to his face and not moving until the referee pulled out the red card to give it to Schweinsteiger.

Schweinsteiger will now miss the second leg of the match. Plus, Bayern Munich will be without Javi Martinez and Thiago Alcântara.

Watch the incident here:

27 thoughts on “WATCH Wayne Rooney’s Dive That Got Bastian Schweinsteiger Sent Off in Champions League [VIDEO]”

      1. There is no excuse whatever for Bayern. I’m a Manu fan and manu should be given alot of credit in this match even if they are won in the 2nd leg. Red card is no excuse, why should bastein think of tackling a player like that in his own box, are they not the best team in the world? Everybody expected united to be beaten 0-4 tonight. So y the excuse? Be realistic 4 once.

        1. So now Utd are happy with there performance even though they played like Stoke or Crystal Palace at Old Trafford.
          The Rooney dive just tops it off

          1. Umm… Stoke City are 5-3-1 in their last 9 games, including victories over Arsenal and Man U… so umm… maybe you should compare Man. U to a lesser team? :^P

    1. Typical Utd fan,Liverpool weren’t playing but you can’t help yourself talking about them. Same as the OT fans, totally obsessed with them as they can’t stop singing about them.

          1. Not at all in fact it seems you’re the one with the nerve getting all upset about someone else mentioning the fact that Rooney was only doing the same thing as Daniel Sturridge.

  1. Like we didn’t know Rooney dived. Come on, he’s a joke. World Cup Year or not, that is who he is.

  2. Disgraceful Wayne. No need for that at all. What if the ref booked you Wayne?
    I agree with the poster up there that says Bayern had quite a few dives today but the difference was none were second yellow cards.
    I’m a City fan btw. They’re good but their not the team everyone thinks they are.
    It’s karma because after the dives by Robben against Arsenal it just came back to bite them. Live by the sword and you die by it so Bayern should have no complaints.
    I hope United bet them but get battered in the final or Semis.

  3. First off, that is not a dive. It was an embellishment yes, but not a dive. A dive is when you go down without getting touched. It was a bad tackle that was deserving of a yellow card.
    Second, this is standard fare for continental soccer. I was glad to see that United stopped with naivete about such things as making sure you get the call.
    Again, this was not a dive. It might look awkward, but Rooney did what he needed to do to make sure he got the call. It happens every match. Get used to it.

    1. It was an obvious dive, no italian player could have done it better. It’s just disgraceful. The very last thing English football had to offer was fairness, but now that’s gone down the drain, too.

      1. So what was he supposed to do just stand there and take a tackle and risk getting injured. It doesn’t matter that he jumped out of the way of the tackle it was still a yellow card for having his foot up whether he makes contact or not.

  4. Even this video shows that it wasn’t a dive, totally confused by this article.

    I would like you to run at full speed, be pushed in the thighs and stay upright.

    1. Alex Muller has never played a minute of professional football in his life so don’t expect him to know.

  5. Bastian slid off the ball hence its called a sliding tackle. Rooney could have stood up and continued the game immediately.

  6. Soccer fans are so weird…..if there is even a breeze of contact to the player’s shorts it is “embellishment”. But what Rooney did is a “dive”. And then there is the whole “anticipating contact” thing.

    Really, the whole thing is beyond absurd. These guys spend way too much time on the ground. We all bump into things all the time in daily life and usually don’t fall to the ground with our necks arched. Of course, this is all the referees’ fault for refusing to call fouls if the player stays on their feet, thus creating this absurd system of grown men flinging themselves to the earth.

    That being said, I don’t see much fault here by Rooney. Everyone always talks about how stupid he is, but Schweinsteiger was late on that tackle. Rooney could have left his leg there and then it would have been a legit second yellow. I just can’t get too worked up about it.

  7. it was a late tackle on Schwini to stop the counter, it was deserving of a red card. get over it already.

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